All of Life is a Miracle – As Is Our First Blog Post!

Hi Everyone, Today I (Michael) make my humble debut into blogging. As a writer, one would think this “should” be easy, and yet with the competing demands of a daily show, it may be interesting.

I’ll do my best to give my thoughts on the day’s guests, and anything else going on with our Inspire Nation World. They’ll be perhaps raw, unedited (yikes) and maybe even a bit edgy or sacrilege…literally just our or my thoughts of the day.

Thanks so much for joining us on this magical journey, on a hurtling ball of dirt called Earth. That itself is true a miracle. We’re spinning at 1000 miles an hour, travelling around the sun at 67000 miles per hour, and spinning around our galaxy at approximately 440,000 miles per hour…and according to Scientific American our Galaxy is headed toward something called “The Great Attractor” at an incredible 3.6 million miles an hour.

And yet, we all feel relatively stable. Do you feel like you’re moving at 3.6 million miles an hour?

All of life is in motion, and all of life is  an incredible miracle. I hope to explore that a bit in this blog, along with helpful learnings along the way we can all benefit from!

So sit back, fasten that 3.6 million mile an hour seat-belt, and enjoy the ride!

Namaste. Blessings. And Woo Hoo!!!