Good morning Shiny Beacon of Light!

It’s exactly 7 years since my wife Jessica and I first met at a meditation center in Boulder. Woo-Hoo!

Boy how time flies, but what a special, challenging, beautiful, difficult, horrible, wonderful, amazing, crazy time it’s been. That’s life!

I was thinking this morning about photo albums—something a recent guest reminded me of.

If you were to flip through your favorite photo album (or these days pictures on your phone) you’d see photos of friends, family, pets, favorite places, and great times you’ve had along the way.

What you’d never find are pictures of the bad, rough or tragic times,  or the moments that flip your stomach into knots.

In fact, if you took any, or they turned out to be bad moments, you’d delete them or yank them out.

So why is it these are the things we regularly focus on with our mind?

So instead today, when you catch yourself going into the icky stuff, think photo album and bring your mind back to where you want it to go.

Pull open your favorite photo album in your mind…or on your phone, and look through some of the beautiful stuff.

That’s where we truly reside, and who we truly are!

It’s a practice, but the more you do this, the brighter you will shine!  Which of course leads to more fantastic photo moments, even if only in the mind!

So have an amazing photo-album kind of day ahead.

And Shine Bright!

Michael (and Jessica) /