inspire-nation-logo-lighbulb-circleExtraordinary Guests Sharing Valuable Wisdom:

Inspire Nation guests are world class leaders, consultants to Fortune 100 companies, spiritual teachers to millions & even personal coaches to rulers of countries. They’re movers, shakers & change-makers. They’ve written NY Times Bestsellers, they’ve been on Oprah, & they’ve given TedTalks with millions watching.

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inspire-nation-logo-lighbulb-circleOur Goal:
To Help You Overcome Your Hurdles so You Can SHINE!

We seek out the most inspiring and motivational guests so we can deliver the stories and guidance that will touch your heart, lift your spirit and shift your life in a positive direction.

Heroes, Survivors & Peaceful Warriors

Learn how to overcome anything! Our guests don’t know the meaning of impossible. From personal failures to financial ruin to devastating injuries and illnesses, our guests have been through it all. From brimstone and fire to rising above it all–now they shine and they have powerful lessons to share.

Alternative Health Champions

Our guest doctors and alternative health practitioners are super-hero paradigm busters, the ones who think outside the box. Rather than pushing pills and masking symptoms, these doctors believe in preventative medicine, boosting your immune system and enhancing your body’s natural healing abilities.

Spiritual Leaders & Teachers

We’ll be interviewing spiritual leaders who’ll help guide you on your path toward self-discovery, inner peace, and finding greater meaning in your life. These teachers will also be leading guided meditations, short sessions to help you quiet your mind, gain greater focus, rewire, and to manifest.



How Can We Help You?

No Matter the Hurdle, whether it’s returning to perfect health, getting unstuck, finding freedom in your life,or igniting your inner flame,we bring you extraordinary guests who’ve been there and know how to help!

What You Get Daily from Inspire Nation

  • Motivational Mondays to help get you going!
  • Triumphant Tuesdays: We help you soar with stories of heroes and heroines who inspire and endure.
  • Wisdom Wednesday’s: Where you get sage advice and life-changing or planet saving words of wisdom from top life coaches, earth advocates, and speakers.
  • Tantric Thursdays: Where we help your heart, discussing relationships, meditation, love, and more.
  • Feel Good Fridays: Where we help give you a smile while keeping things light, fun, and upbeat.
  • A Smarter You Saturday,: Where you get the latest in health advice and heady advice.
  • Soulful Sunday’s: Where you’ll get spiritual advice, and transformative stories from the heart.