Transform Your Life Through a Modern Day Vision Quest

Learn how to live your life fully, become a mystical backpacker & discover your true self & true calling by traveling the world, country or your own backyard!

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Bonus: Meditation with Hannah Papp

Prepare to Enter a State of Bliss with this exceptionally relaxing and refreshing meditation from Hannah Papp.


If you’ve ever wanted to find yourself, discover your true passion, or find your calling in life, then do we have the show for you!

Meet Hannah Papp, author of The Mystical Backpacker: How to Discover Your Destiny in the Modern World. She shares her story from disillusion to discovery, and teaches us all how we can use discovering the world, to discover our true selves.

She helps you find your career, your path in life, what gives you greatest happiness, and most importantly helps give you life direction.

And she gives you the courage and motivation to step outside the box, the backyard, or even your country, to travel the world and have a great adventure!

After this show you’ll be booking your own tickets somewhere, anywhere, to see the world, and see yourself.

This is an inspiring, motivational, spiritual and instructional interview that’ll have you stepping into the unknown on your own vision quest.

Need a career change. This will help. Feeling stuck. You’ll love this talk. And if you’ve ever wondered, how do I figure out where to go, what to do, or what your direction in life is, then this is the interview for you!


Key Topics:

  • how Hannah had a seemingly dream life, yet felt embarrassingly unhappy
  • how a humiliating confrontation at work prompted her to quit her job
  • why your destination isn’t important
  • how your outward journey facilitates your inner journey
  • what is a modern day vision quest
  • how to discern your soul’s purpose
  • how to welcome destiny
  • how to embrace an opportunity for fate to step in and orchestrate your life
  • why meditation alone doesn’t achieve the same result
  • how your environment is co-creating your identity
  • the benefits of experiencing new uncomfortable situations
  • how she serendipitously met her soul mate, with the same birthday, nearly same time of birth & age
  • what makes a journey mystical
  • why traveling alone is best
  • the importance of journaling & reflection
  • why you need to do things that uplift your soul


Top 3 Reminders:

  1. there will never be a “right time” to do it; you’ll always feel that it’s not now, that you don’t have enough money, and you’ll always feel uncomfortable
  2. feel the fear
  3. be open to experiencing others; the universe will co-create magical moments and guide you to people you need to meet


Hannah Papp currently heads up the Northern Virginia Mind, Body & Spirit Group teaching seminars and leading guided meditations under the Inspired! Intuition series of events.  She also works regularly with clients as a personal Soul Coach and past life regressionist and continues to blog, write and journey, both as a traveler and as a mystical backpacker.


Hannah Papp Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest For soul coaching, public speaking, workshops and seminars


Book by Hannah Papp:

The Mystical Backpacker: How to Discover Your Destiny in the Modern World


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