To Heaven & Back – 5000 Messages from Near Death Expriences

Ever wonder whether Near Death Experiences are real? PMH Atwater author of Dying to Know You, has interviewed more NDE’ers (5000+) than anyone else & shares their powerful experiences and lessons.

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If you’ve ever wondered whether Near Death Experiences are real or imagined, or what they mean for us, then you’re in for a special treat! We interview PMH Atwater, investigator and field researcher who has interviewed over 5000 individuals who have had Near Death Experiences over the last 30 years.

PMH has authored 10 books on the topic, most recently Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience.

She shares what she’s learned, and the common experiences these people have had: what they saw, what they felt, what they heard, and what they brought back with them.

This is an incredible interview filled with amazing life-lessons…lessons learned by those who were dying.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and be incredibly moved by the messages of 5000 voices, that PMH gets to share.

And one unifying theme. That we are not alone, and that life continues on the other side.

Whether you’re Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, Taoist, Animist, Zen, Shinto, Tibetan Buddhist, Catholic, Protestant, New Age, Pagan or anything else, you will find this interview incredibly powerful, reassuring, and life-affirming.

And you’ll find it entertaining and humorous too. For PMH isn’t all work and no play, but she’s a fire-plug of a human being, with more energy than a stadium rooting on their home-town heros!


P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D., is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies, having begun her work in 1978. Her research base now covers nearly 4,000 adult and child experiencers. Some of her findings have been verified in clinical studies, among them the prospective study conducted in Holland and published in Lancet medical journal, 12-15-01.

Her The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences, was featured in an online version of Newsweek Magazine, and remains the only encyclopedia of the entire phenomenon worldwide. She has received many lifetime achievement awards and travels the world speaking on all aspects of the near-death experience, transformations of consciousness, and the evolution of the human species.

Near-Death Experiences:  The Rest of The Story is the summation of 33 years of research, highly controversial because of its frankness and revelatory nature. Her book Future Memory expands the subject of changing consciousness into new areas, and reads like walking through a labyrinth.

Keenly interested in children and evolution, her in-depth work with child experiencers is detailed in The New Children and Near-Death Experiences; updated to include the surprising characteristics of normal children born since 1982 in Children of the Fifth World.

A real departure for her is Dying to Know You:  Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience. This is not a research book, nor a personal story, nor an opinion piece. Rather, this is the first book yet written that sums up the voice of the many:  the collective, speaking in their own voice, about the collective experience.


PMH Atwater Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter


Books by PMH Atwater:

Dying to Know You: Proof of God in the Near-Death Experience

Near-Death Experiences, The Rest of the Story: What They Teach Us About Living and Dying and Our True Purpose


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