How to Reinvent Your Life with a Spiritual Adventure

If you’re wondering how to find direction in your life, how to heal, or simply curious about indigenous healing techniques dating back thousands of years, then today’s show is the show for you.

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In this heart-felt conversation, I talk with Marie-Rose about the hero’s journey, in this case, one that took Marie-Rose from the comfort of a successful career in multimedia, to a world journey, meeting with Shaman, Kahunas, and Llamas, in remote villages in Peru, Nepal, Tibet, the lava fields of an active Hawaiian volcano, and deep inside China. We’ll talk about what possesses someone to leave their comfort zone for a greater cause, and how that journey can lead to self-discovery and guidance. At the same time we’ll look at endangered indigenous healing practices, and what they mean for own health.

Key Topics:

  • Marie-Rose shares the circumstances that inspired her to seek out and document indigenous healers from around the world
  • from meeting with shamans in Peruvian jungles to Nepal to how she discovered her own ability to heal others
  • how instead of practicing “mind over matter,” you should practice “mind with matter”
  • your belief system may be more important than the healing modality that you pick
  • the usefulness of “suspending your disbelief” while you are undergoing healing
  • how ayahuasca aided Marie-Rose in expanding her consciousness
  • the benefits of living more connected to nature and the Earth and how you can bring nature into your life wherever you live
  • how Marie-Rose was able to integrate her new found spiritual lessons with life as she knew it by sharing her story
  • what is media as medicine
  • how true leaders are on the bottom, not on the top and what it takes to be a good leader
  • the power of ancient traditions and how they can help modern society
  • the danger of thinking in dualistic terms, such as eastern vs western medicine and Marie-Rose’s mission to be a “bridge”

Top 3 Pieces of Advice:

  1. start with making a commitment…
  2. have faith (not to be confused with blind faith)…
  3. compassion as true understanding (different from sympathy)…


Marie-Rose Phan-Lê has 20+ years’ experience in film/TV production. She has traveled extensively from Hawaii to the Himalayas for her award-winning documentary film and companion book, Talking Story: One Woman’s Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual and Healing Traditions. Marie-Rose transitioned her flourishing healing practice, working one-to-one with individuals, to focusing on the one-to-many through her media projects and consulting work. Currently the Chief Operating Officer and Creative Director at High Impact Inc., she applies ancient wisdom to the modern challenges of running a successful business. Marie-Rose was born in Vietnam, emigrated to France, and later to the United States, and currently lives in Hawaii.


Marie-Rose Phan-Le Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter


Talking Story Documentary Trailer

Book & DVD by Marie-Rose Phan-Le:

Talking Story: One Woman’s Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual and Healing Traditions (book) by Marie-Rose Phan-Le

Talking Story Movie: a heart-centered, spirit driven documentary directed by Marie-Rose Phan-Le

Talking Story Trailer


Other References:

High Impact Creative Marie-Rose is COO and Dir. of High Impact Creative. This is where she supports her teammates.

Barefoot Walking: Free Your Feet to Minimize Impact, Maximize Efficiency, and Discover the Pleasure of Getting in Touch with the Earthby Michael Sandler and Jessica Lee

MindfulRunning: just one place where Michael and Jessica work to bridge physical and spiritual practices

What is ayahuascaa tropical vine native to the Amazon region, noted for its hallucinogenic properties

Who is Joseph Campbell

The Hero with a Thousand Faces (The Collected Works of Joseph Campbell) (book)

Joseph Campbell – The Hero’s Journey: a biographical documentary about Joseph Campbell

What does kuleana mean: Hawaiian word which means right, privilege, concern responsibility…


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