If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, burned out or stuck, then do we have the Pause for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Rachael O’Meara, transformational coach, Google exec, a host of the Mindful Talks at Google, US National rowing champion, and the author of a fantastic new book called Pause: Harnessing the Life-Changing Power of Giving Yourself a Break.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about harnessing the life-changing power of giving yourself a break.

She was a customer support manager at Google when she realized she was burned out and needed to reassess her path. The best way to do this was to take a “pause” a time out to create space for her inner voice to be heard and to align her actions to lead a more fulfilled life.

We’ll talk about top signs you need a pause and what that may look like. We’ll examine types of pauses, how to take them, and even what to do when you only have a minute. Plus we’ll even look at how to take a pause while single parenting!





After fifteen years in corporate America Rachael had a good pulse on what she was good at, what she wasn’t so good at, and what she didn’t consider worth her time. However, life threw her a curveball she wasn’t expecting. At age 38 her career was on the rocks. She was confused about how she perceived success at her job.

This book is about the valuable lessons from stepping away from corporate America to rethink what really made her happy. Through her own personal journey, she shows why it is important to take a time-out, or what she calls a pause, when needed. She wants to help others who are struggling or at a diverging path in life, and know that it’s ok to take a pause in order to proceed.

She grew up in Syracuse, NY and graduated from University at Albany, NY with a BA in Geography. Rachael made the instinctive decision to work in France upon graduation in 1994, which she considers her first pause. For nine months she skied the French Alps before heading to New York City to pursue a career in technology. Like any big life experience, it was a roller coaster and amazing all at once.

Rachael settled into NYC for ten years, and while working full time managed to win five national championships competitively rowing. She received her MBA from Fordham University before moving to San Francisco in 2005. Rachael currently work at Google on the AdExchange sales team, a new role she took on after what she learned about her own strengths and passions during her 2011 pause.

See her Coaching Page to sign up for a free jump start session, or sign up for her newsletter.


Rachael O’Meara Online: Website| Facebook| Twitter

Key Topics:

  • What is paid puppy leave?
  • How did Pizzeria Uno help her take her first pause in Europe?
  • What happened to Rachael five years ago while working at Google?
  • How was rowing, and she became a national champion, a means to pause?
  • How’d she end up at Double-Click?
  • How did she end up feeling like a floundering failure, and what were the options she was given?
  • What are the top five signs you need a pause
  • What her friend Kathleen told her when she first began her pause
  • What do yearnings have to do with taking a pause
  • What can we learn from her mentor’s Bob and Judith Wright?
  • What can we learn from Judith right specifically about pauses?
  • What is some basic pause advice?
  • Why has Rachael dedicated her life to helping others find their pause?
  • What’s the pause paradox?
  • What does it mean that a pause is about surrendering?
  • Why does a pause require courage?
  • How do we overcome the fear necessary to take a pause?
  • What’s it mean to “busify” and how do we break this addiction?
  • What’s a taser technique?
  • What can we learn about meditation and taking a pause?
  • How does mindfulness fit into the equation?
  • How can we take a pause in just a minute
  • What’s a digital device pause?
  • What’s a nature pause?
  • What can we learn from her experience at Burning Man?
  • How do we get back in alignment?
  • What homework can we begin today to bring more pause to our lives?
  • What can single parents do to give themselves a pause?
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