If you’ve ever wanted to work less, and do more of what you want to do, then do we have the Will It Fly? Show for You!

Today I’ll be talking with Pat Flynn, best-selling author, passive income expert, and the author of two phenomenal books on building freedom, Let Go and Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don’t Waste Your Time and Money!

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about getting out of the 9 to 5 rut, finding your runway, and taking off!

We’ll discuss Pat’s struggle’s, how he lost his job and turned things around making 4 million dollars in the process. We’ll look at what it takes to step out on your own way, find your own path, and gain freedom in the process. And we’ll look at how to go far beyond building a successful business, to building a successful life, living your way, by your rules.






Pat Flynn is a beloved thought leader in the areas of online entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and lifestyle businesses. He is routinely celebrated for his transparent leadership style and authentic principles. Pat overcame career adversity at an early age by finding his own path and true passion. Despite his success in business, Pat’s greatest joys are spending time with his family and friends as well as helping inspire and educate others on how to succeed with their own entrepreneurial careers.

Pat has been featured in The New York Times and Forbes Magazine for his accomplishments, and has recently been enjoying talking about his story and business strategies in front of large crowds at various conferences and events all around the world. His top-ranked business podcast, The Smart Passive Income Podcast, has earned over 25 million downloads and continues to inspire people as they work through their online business journey today.

Pat is also an advisor to Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building schools in the developing world, as well as companies such as LeadPages and ConvertKit.


Pat Flynn Online: Website| Facebook| Twitter| Youtube

Key Topics:

  • Does Pat really have time to put his family first?
  • What was Pat’s childhood like and how did he become an architect?
  • What did Pat do to leap ahead in his career?
  • What happened when he was getting laid off?
  • How did he start a website and what happened with it?
  • How did he start on a path to smart passive income?
  • What did he discover about his website along the way?
  • What became Pat’s mission?
  • How did he end up doing online book sales?
  • What happened the first day?
  • How did he start
  • What does it mean to build a successful life versus a successful business?
  • What’s the importance of passion?
  • What’s the Airport Test?
  • What’s the big question with the Airport Test and how can it help us?
  • How do we do the 4 Quadrant Exercise?
  • How can fear help us?
  • What’s the importance of a why or a clear mission?
  • What’s the importance of gratitude?
  • Where does meditation fit in?
  • How has Pat benefited from Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning routine?
  • How has spirituality helped Pat?
  • What words of wisdom would Pat, a devoted family man, have for parents to help their children?

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