Jeffrey Slayter On How to Discover Who you Are From the Inside Out – Body, Mind & Soul!


If you’ve ever wondered how to truly transform your life then do we have the Imagine show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Jeffrey Slayter, human development expert, world-renowned speaker, a long lost brother, though he doesn’t know it yet, and author of a beautiful soon to be released book, evolutionary entrepreneur and a beautiful book that’s a metaphor for life, Imagine: Start a Revolution in Your Life and Business.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, how to start your own revolution and transform your life.

That plus we’ll talk about a Diary of a Yogi, moving to omnitime, waking to our true humanity, dieting before we die, surrendering to live, the power of HDADD, playing with crazy dogs, surfing big waves, and what it means to be blinded by the cracker of achievement?




Jeffrey Slayter is a positive disrupter of psyches (in a good way), having played the role of transformational coach and facilitator and spoken to over three million people from twelve different countries. He has shared the stage with other incredible thought leaders like Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin), Brian Tracy (world renown motivational speaker and author), Dr. Demartini (star from the movie The Secret), Frank Kern (the highest paid direct response internet marketer in the world), Tim Ferris (Author Four Hour WorkWeek), Tony Robbins and many others. He questions the validity of the beliefs that are holding leaders back. Having likely coached one of the coaches you’ve engaged at some point along your entrepreneurial journey, Jeffrey Slayter has a level of mastery in facilitation that will have even the most skeptical of clients melting away years of being “stuck” in debilitating patterns. Whether you’re building a billion dollar company or about to break through to the 7 figure mark, there are some core human behaviors that Jeffrey will help you embody faster than anyone else. Some of the world’s biggest game changers, social entrepreneurs, internet marketers and consultants have reported that Jeffrey’s golden edge is to integrate “purpose with profits” in a way that brings greater meaning to the work they are doing here in the world. Jeffrey feels called here in this lifetime to support the awakening of Entrepreneurs while helping them achieve even greater outcomes for their purpose, profits, people and the planet.


Jeffrey Slayter Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter  | Linked

Key Topics:

  • What can we learn from Sir Richard Branson?
  • What do dolphins have to do with anything?
  • How did Jeffrey become an early entrepreneur?
  • How did Jeffrey become a millionaire
  • What happened when he lost his millions
  • What can we learn from Yoginanda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi
  • What is true transformation?
  • What does it mean to move from time to omnitime?
  • What’s the co-creation of heaven and earth?
  • What’s it mean to be outside of time and space?
  • What’s the program that’s installed inside of us?
  • What does it mean to wake up to our humanity?
  • What does it mean to be blinded by the cracker of achievement?
  • What’s the importance and trap of having a reason to live?
  • How do we discover our true calling?
  • How do we truly love ourselves?
  • How do we se the divinity in others?
  • What does it mean to be 100% responsible for seeing the divinity in ourselves?
  • How do we move from being victims to creating our own realities?
  • What does it mean to surrender to the universe
  • How do we die before we die?
  • How do we go from creating our own reality to living in service?
  • How is humanity a meamorphosis process?
  • What can we learn from the plants
  • What is the book Evolutionary Entrepreneur and what are Entrepreneurial Elders?”
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