Preston Smiles on How to Amplify Your Life to Overcome Challenges & Negativity & Be the Love!!!

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If you’ve ever wanted to amplify your live and shine brighter than ever before, then do we have the Love Louder show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Preston Smiles, co-author of Now or Never, winner of Elixir Magazine’s Millennial Mentor Award, co-founder of The Love Mob and the Bridge Method and author of a fantastic book on up-leveling your life, Love Louder: 33 Ways to Amplify Your Life

And that’s what we’ll talk about today, about a plethora of ways you can amplify your life!

That plus well talk about a girl named Upendo, the double boomerang effect, what in the world’s a blue frog moment, flying pig knuckles and tickle wars, and what do lavender skinny jeans, a ripped up shirt, pink converse Chuck Taylors and a studded belt have to do with anything!

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Former bad boy–turned–inspirational messenger Preston Smiles has helped thousands of people become the best versions of themselves with his enormously popular videos and speaking engagements all over the world. Now in his first book, Love Louder, Preston distills remarkable gems of ancient wisdom and new thought teachings he’s learned through the years into thirty-three timeless tools to help you get back to what life is all about . . . love. In today’s world, where feeling overwhelmed and stressed out is the norm, where your inner critic is constantly telling you you’re not good enough, or where you may feel simply stuck, Preston will help you get out of your own way and live the life you’re meant to live. For anyone seeking guidance on overall happiness and fulfillment in life, Love Louder will help you to radically embrace life, break through personal barriers, and move forward with confidence and passion. Connect with Preston at


Preston Smiles Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter  

Key Topics:

  • How do you move past negative messages in your head?
  • What did Preston’s teachers do to him early on and what was the message it sent?
  • What happened to all of the children around Preston?
  • How did Preston’s neighborhood turn into a war zone growing up?
  • What happened to Preston in school that changed his academic career?
  • What happened to Preston’s best friend at age 15.
  • What role did intuition have, and how has it been a guide?
  • Where did Preston move after the shooting?
  • How did Preston restart his life, and what did he learn from the experience.
  • What’s been the importance of connecting with Nature?
  • What role did nutrition play in Preston’s life challenges?
  • Where did alcohol fit in, or no longer fit in the picture?
  • Who is Freeman Michaels and how did he influence Preston’s life
  • How did Preston meet Michael Beckwith?
  • How did he end up in a group founded by Jack Canfield?
  • What’s been your mission?
  • What was the purpose of writing Love Louder and how did it get published?
  • How can we help youth today in similar situations?
  • What does it mean to amplify your life?
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