INSPIRE #475: How to Live an Epic Life!+ Guided Meditation

Alexi Panos & Preston Smiles on How to Live Your Epic Life With Greater Freedom in 5 Simple Steps! + Meditation!

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If you’ve ever wanted an epic life and greater freedom, then do we have the Now or Never show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Preston Smiles and Alexi Panos, personal development authors of “Love Louder” and “50 Ways to Yay”, social media superstars and the authors of an empowering new read “Now or Never: Your Epic Life in 5 Steps“.

And that’s just what we’ll be talking about today, about the bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

That plus we’ll talk about mutant wolf zombies and comfort zones, freezing at Joshua’s Tree, Leroy the raccoon, epic and the naked truth, complaints at Burning Man, and what in the world an obsession with Samoyed dogs has to do with anything.

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As the Co Founders and Co Creators of The Bridge Method, Alexi Panos and Preston Smiles have supported thousands of people who have dramatically changed their lives by participating in their various programs and workshops all over the world.

 For the past 10 years, they’ve both dedicated their lives to learning as much as they could about Human Potential, Positive Psychology, NLP, Ontology of Language, Transformative Studies, Somatic Training, and Esoteric Wisdom to step into their own leadership and truly “walk the walk” of this work.  They are insanely committed to leading others on this same path, and empowering them to step fully into their unique gifts to create a world that works for everyone.

Recently married, this couple is truly committed to transforming the way the world works, by transforming the lives of individuals. They currently speak and lead workshops all over the world (both together and separate), as well as run their own widely successful inspirational YouTube Channels.  Both Preston + Alexi released their first solo books in June 2016 under the publishing house of Simon + Schuster; and will be releasing their first collaborative book with the same publisher in January 2017.


Alexi Panos Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter  | YouTube

Preston Smiles Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter  

Alexi & Preston Online: Website

Key Topics:

  • How Alexi Plano went from Erie PA to modelling in NYC
  • How Preston became the Nerd Hero in Compton
  • How Preston and Alexi met each other
  • What are the 5 Steps to an Epic Life
  • What are unconscious agreements?
  • How do we create compassionate way to be with one another
  • What does Awareness have to do with anything?
  • What are diminishers?
  • What is radical responsibility?
  • Why pain is not optional, but suffering is.
  • What’s the importance of forgiveness?
  • What’s the importance of keeping our word with ourselves
  • Why what you appreciate appreciates
  • Who is Scott Coady and what are alarms to “center”
  • What’s the importance of your breath
  • What’s it mean to obliterate our comfort zones
  • What do mutant wolves, zombies and fire-breathing dragons have to do with anything
  • What it means to be in alignment with your truth?
  • Why are goals BS?
  • What does it mean you cannot fail.
  • What’s the importance of the “F” word
  • Brief Guided Meditation


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