INSPIRE #496: THE POWER OF MANTRAS! + Guided Meditation!

Sherianna Boyle on the Power of Mantras for Health, Peace, Happiness & Prosperity! + Guided Meditation!

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If you’ve ever wanted more peace, happiness, and prosperity in your life then do we have the Mantras Made Easy show for you!

Today I’ll be speaking with Sherianna Boyle, adjunct psychology professor, seasoned yoga instructor, energy practitioner and the author of six books, including a new blissful favorite of mine I want to share with the world, Mantras Made Easy: Mantras for Happiness, Peace, Prosperity, and More.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about the power of your words to bring in happiness, peace, prosperity and more.

That plus we’ll talk about amethyst mala beads, the Goddess Lakshmi, why you want to feel everything, and attach to nothing, and what in the world Halloween glitter and zipper bracelets have to do with anything!

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Sherianna is a licensed School Psychologist and presently works as a Adjunct Psychology Professor and Mindset Trainer at The Center for Corporate and Professional Education of Cape Cod Community College.  She is certified in three different energy systems.  Although much of her work is based on Quantum Healing, Sherianna is not a fan of attaching to one system. This is because what works for one person may not be in the best interest of another. Therefore, the system she uses is her ability to receive information from the divine. With that said, Sherianna is a committed student of energy work and continues her professional development as a Quantum healer and student of Energy Medicine.

She has been teaching yoga/meditation for over 14 years four of those years she spent owning and operating a thriving yoga studio which she proudly relinquished before the birth of her third daughter. Sherianna has a private practice with expertise in stress, education, parenting, anxiety, and depression. She is known for her ability to get to the root cause of symptoms. Clients not only report improvement but often discover a way to expand themselves beyond what they expected. Some of her clients are therapists and counselors themselves. She is the author of six books and  has been a contributing writer to over 50 published articles. Her work has  been featured in Psychology Today, Jan/Feb 2015 and Mantra Yoga & Health, May 2015. Her book The Four Gifts of Anxiety has been recognized and shelved by NAMI, 2015 Choosing Love was listed under the top 10 New Year books 2016 with Metro US while The Conscious Parenting Guide for Overcoming Childhood Anxiety found its way in the top 20 books sales in Barnes and Noble 2016.   She holds a Masters in Education and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study in School Psychology from The University of Massachusetts, Boston.

Sherianna has been married to her childhood friend, Kiernan, for eighteen years rocking and rolling through the waves of life, raising three strong daughters.  When she is not writing she enjoys  yoga,  going to church, exercising, reading, gardening and taking naps.


Sherianna Boyle Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter  | YouTube

Key Topics:

  • What does Om Mani Padme Hum have to do with anything?
  • Why a book on Mantras?
  • How is the body programmable by language, words, and thoughts?
  • What’s so special about Sanskrit mantras?
  • What are seed sounds and why are they so powerful?
  • How do different statements affect our energy levels?
  • What’s it mean to be in a depleted state?
  • How do mantras help release subconscious emotions?
  • What’s the importance of the tongue touching the roof of the mouth?
  • Why do we want to repeat certain mantras 108 times?
  • How do mantras help change our brainwave state?
  • What’s the power of Om?
  • What are the best ways to use mantras?
  • How do you develop a relationship with your mantra?
  • What does it mean to believe in your words?
  • What do you do if you don’t believe the words in your mantra?
  • What’s the importance of mala beads?
  • What’s it mean to neutralize unhappiness?
  • How can mantras help with fear and anxiety?
  • How can mantras help with love?
  • What’s the importance of Ho’opono’pono
  • What are mantras for healing?
  • What’s a mantra for auto-immune diseases?
  • What are great mantra’s for wealth and prosperity?
  • What are mantras for peace?

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