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INSPIRE #291: How to Find Greater Peace, Happiness & Purpose! + Guided Meditation!

Dr. Daniel Houtman, Aka ‘The Spirit Doctor’ Shares How to Find Greater Peace, Happiness & Purpose in Your Life + Guided Meditation!

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If you’ve ever struggled to find greater peace, happiness or purpose in your life, then do we have the life-expanding show for you. Today I’ll be talking with Dr. Daniel Houtman, a doctor of Oriental medicine, better known as ‘The Spirit Doctor’.

He travels the world using natural healing talents and learning the healing systems of traditional people’s. He’s also the author of a beautiful short book, Spiritual Evolution.

Today we’ll talk about the blocks in your path toward happiness, health and your spiritual evolution.

That plus we’ll talk about Bali, horses and carriages, and what better breathing has to do with anything.

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Dr. Daniel Houtman is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, but he is better known as ‘the Spirit Doctor’. He travelled the world using his natural healing talents and learning the healing systems of traditional peoples from across the globe. From working in a traditional healing clinic in Ghana to working with monks in China and Japan; Daniel has learnt the intricacies of how to listen to your soul and shares with you his learning’s from this rich and diverse background.

Dr Daniel now makes his home in Australia where he has worked along side Traditional Aboriginal healers and helping people of the Stolen Generation.

This best selling author may be found in his clinic located in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. He may be contacted through his website


Dr Daniel Houtman Online: Website | Facebook

Key Topics:

  • How to find greater peace, happiness and purpose in your life – self help topics
  • How he ended up getting from Ithaca to Australia and ended up working in Alice Springs Australia working with the aboriginals
  • How we are all part of nature
  • How Dr. Houtman began healing people as a young child
  • How he began exploring other religions and philosophies as a young teen
  • Why he struggled so much in college
  • What happened when he began studying the ancient Chinese ways
  • How he discovered he already knew about Qi Gong.
  • How we can circulate energy with Qi Gong.
  • Are we a soul inhabiting a body?
  • What’s the advantage and disadvantage of technology?
  • What’s the importance and power of empathy
  • How and what it means to be all one
  • book Spiritual Evolution – what he’s focusing on for Tuesday, October the 18th – “Just Five Minutes”

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