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INSPIRE #293: How to Manifest Miracles thru Little Big Steps!

Arash Bayatmakou, co-founder of the No Limits Collaborative and inspirational spinal cord injury survivor, shares the miraculous power of visualization & little big steps.

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If you’ve ever wanted to overcome a giant challenge, reach new heights, or move past a major medical hurdle, then do we have the hurdle jumping show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Arash Bayatmakou, co-founder of the No Limits Collaborative and one of the most inspiring, won’t take “no” for an answer, people I’ve ever met, and I’ve just met him! But he’s lit a fire under me, and has one of the most amazing Ted Talks, called “Little Big Steps“.

Today we’ll talk about the power of visualization, of seeing where you want to go, and how to stand up, and put one foot in front of the other to get there, no matter where that may be.

That, plus we’ll talk about Mrs. Smartipants, cupping muffins, getting towed by labs, the case against the couch potato, the power of the bridge, exoskeletal fame, becoming Aquaman…and swimming from cannibals, and how to move like a drunk penguin listening to Ricky Martin!

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Since a traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in 2012 left him paralyzed and turned his life upside down, he has committed himself fully to reach his ultimate goal of getting back on his feet and walking. In addition to his own recovery, he has advocated thru his blog for the needs of other people with his injury who are too often overlooked and unsupported by healthcare companies and the medical establishment.

In 2015, he co-founded The No Limits Collaborative, a non-profit aimed at providing exercise, physical therapy, resources and support to people with serious neurological conditions.


Arash Bayatmakou Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter  | Instagram

Make a donation to the No Limits Collaborative:

Arash’s Tedx Talk:

Key Topics:

  • How he plans on circumnavigating Donner Lake by Lake Tahoe.
  • How he made his way from Iran to the Bay Area
  • Why he made himself leave California for school
  • How he played Rugby at BU
  • How he’s been exploring spirituality from a mindfulness and meditation point of view
  • How he travelled the world for five years after college
  • What is Evolution Valley California?
  • What happened after his hiking trip
  • How he started to get to work on his recovery
  • How he began visualization work after he could get his pinkie toe moving
  • What are some of the visualizations that he began using to reconnect his nervous system
  • What was his first experience in a pool
  • How he became ‘aquaman’!
  • What does Arash mean ‘recovery is my religion’?
  • Why you want to celebrate the ‘little big steps’
  • The importance of your word choice, even in your head
  • How his new girlfriend stood by his side after his accident
  • What his goal was and how he proposed to her
  • What’s the power of gratitude?
  • What are ‘solvable problems’?

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