Brian Brikowski on How to Chase Your Dreams & Get Back on Track, Even After Setbacks!

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If you’ve ever had a dream, but the doors kept on closing, then do we have the door opening show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Gentle Giant of a man, Brian Brikowski, former professional football player, perhaps future WWE star, and a bright and shiny light to everyone he meets – particularly us at the gym!

We’ll talk about what it takes to step forward toward your dreams, and hold onto your vision, even when the going gets tough, and keeps getting tough.

That plus we’ll talk about what happens at the gym at midnight, weekly drives to Pennsylvania, and why in the world Gustavo and Juanita, needed a cave!

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Brian Brikowski believes that life is filled with adversity, but its about your approach to adversity and your mindset that sets you apart. Creating a list of small goals that in turn make a big goal make the feat seem achievable. While you may have gotten yourself in a tight spot, and feel your position in life can’t get worse, it usually can. Instead, try and remember to be appreciative for what you have–even if it is very little, someone may have less. Hard work and determination get you close, but looking at what others aren’t doing and doing it yourself is what pushes you past that wall and closer to your goal.

Brian says that what makes him special is his journey in life. It’s unique, it’s different, it’s only his. Sure there are things he wishes were different, and he’ll work to make those changes happen but until then, he’s going to be appreciative of what he has and savor each day. He doesn’t have many fears, any really except of his own mortality. He is scared as anything to be in a moment where he knows he’s going to die and afraid he may have regrets about life and not getting done all he set out to get done. Who did he help? What lives did he touch? Is he leaving the world even a small fraction better, even if to just one person? This is what drives Brian.


Brian Brikowski Online:  Twitter  

Key Topics:

  • How did Brian end up getting recruited by 50 division 1 schools
  • What happened when he began playing college ball
  • How did he end up with a bout of depression?
  • What was his internal wiring saying to him?
  • How did he end up going from school to school before ending up home, no longer playing the sport he loves?
  • How did he flip the switch and begin overcoming challenges?
  • Who is Matt Hoffman and how did he change Brian’s life
  • How did Brian reignite his dream to play in the pro’s?
  • What happened when Brian tried out for a professional team?
  • What was the tryout like?
  • How long did Brian play professionally, and what were the challenges he faced?
  • What were the lessons learned along the way as he went from failure to failure and finally to success
  • How’d he keep a level head once he was in the pro’s?
  • How did he keep from falling into old patterns of the past?
  • What’s next for Brian and where does he go from here?
  • To check out Brian’s twitter page visit @BrikHouseSki


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