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Dr. Rodney Dietert, PhD on Transforming Your Health Thru Your Microbiome & Gut + Guided Meditation

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If you’ve ever struggled with disease, illness, an auto-immune disorder or allergy, then do we have the super-organism show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Rodney Dietert, professor of immunotoxicology at Cornell University, and author of Strategies for Protecting Your Child’s Immune System and Immunotoxicity, Immune Dysfunction and Chronic Disease, and his latest book, which I couldn’t put down,The Human Superorganism: How the Microbiome Is Revolutionizing the Pursuit of a Healthy Life.

And that’s just what we’ll be talking about today, what’s our microbiome and how it’s revolutionizing the pursuit of a healthy life.

That plus we’ll talk about giant-pouched rats, Cliff the dog, the power of dark chocolate, why germ free mice are antisocial, the importance of a giraffe’s neck, and what a dog’s obsession with doves has to do with anything!

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Dr. Rodney Dietert is Professor of Immunotoxicology at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He received his PhD in immunogenetics from the University of Texas at Austin. Among his authored and edited academic books are Strategies for Protecting Your Child’s Immune System and ImmunotoxicityImmune Dysfunction, and Chronic Disease. Rodney previously directed Cornell’s Graduate Field of Immunology, the Program on Breast Cancer and Environmental Risk Factors, and the Institute for Comparative and Environmental Toxicology, and he has served as a Senior Fellow in the Cornell Center for the Environment. Recently, he appeared in the 2014 award-winning documentary Microbirth. In 2015 he received the James G. Wilson Publication Award from the Teratology Society for the best paper of the year on the microbiome.


Dr Rodney Dietert Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Key Topics:

  • How he went from a dream to this book.
  • How he ended up in the documentary microbirth
  • What happened to him at a conference in Germany
  • How he went from 30 years on antibiotics to years antibiotic free by addressing his gut and microbiome
  • Why our microbes in our body have much control or influence over our biology than we think.
  • What is a superorganism?
  • What a fight on infectious diseases at now isn’t the problem
  • What’s the problem with the ecology and diversity in our body
  • What’s a non-communicable disease (NCD)
  • Why does one non-communicable disease lead to the next disease?
  • What NSAIDS including aspirin can harm our microbiome
  • What it means to be deemed ‘safe’
  • How much of us in made up of microbiomes?
  • What’s the possible harm of GMO’s
  • Why is the immune system really a junkyard dog
  • Are infants born with a complete immune system?
  • What do mom’s and parents need to know for pregnant women, pregnancy, and unborn children
  • How do we prevent children from getting non-communicable diseases
  • What do cravings have to do with your microbiome?
  • What’s the new field of psychobiotics
  • What’s the history behind caesarian section and what’s been happening with C-sections?
  • What’s the obesity tree?
  • How do we begin to heal our microbiome
  • What it means to get a profile for your microbiome
  • What’s the importance of fermented foods
  • How do we test our microbiome
  • What are prebiotics?
  • What’s happening with sugar-free food and artificial sweeteners?
  • Big foods to watch for:
    1. BPA
    2. Emulsifiers
  • What’s the importance and danger of hand sanitizers
  • Rodney Dietert’s rules for food shopping
  • How important are organics
  • How can meditation help calm our microbiome
  • What’s a ‘gut instinct’
  • What does spirituality, mindfulness and contemplative tools have to do with our microbiome
  • How can swing dancing help your microbiome?
  • Why exercise is so powerful for our microbiome?
  • Why you don’t want to exercise too hard for your microbiome?
  • Why stress-exercise is so bad for the microbiome
  • How Mindful Running can help your microbiome
  • Why dancing puts you in a state of coherence (think Heart Math and Howard Martin)
  • Why it’s so important to get out of the fight or flight state
  • Where can people go to find ‘the Human Superorganism’
  • What people can learn about Cliff the microbiome searching dog
  • Guided meditation to help with any problem or issue


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