INSPIRE #175: Discover the One Thing You Can Do to Make Everything Else Easier & Create an Extraordinary Life!

Robert August Masters PhD Shows You How To Tap Into Your True Masculine Power to Be A Real, Open-Hearted Man & Harness Your Emotions! Enlightening for Women & Relationships Too! + Guided Meditation

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If you’re a guy and you’ve ever been angry, confused, or flipped upside down about what it means to be a man, to suck it up, be strong, and be sensitive, all at the same time, or if you’re a woman and wonder why in the world your partner acts the way he does, and how in the world to get through to him, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Robert Augustus Masters, relationship expert, master therapist, and psycho-spiritual guide and trainer and author of numerous relationship books and his latest, To Be a Man: A Guide to True Masculine Power.

Today we’ll talk about what it means to be a man, how to heal our inner critic, how to move past aggression, violence, emotional walls, and more, plus look at sex, pornography, and what things should really feel like.

That plus we’ll talk about Fight Club, Instinct, Avitar, fights in turkey, boys being boys, breasts, and why we all need to jump onto a toruk.


Robert Augustus Masters, PhD, is a relationship expert, master therapist, and psychospiritual guide and trainer, with a doctorate in psychology. His books include Transformation Through Intimacy, Spiritual Bypassing, Emotional Intimacy, and To Be a Man.

His work blends the psychological, emotional, and physical with the spiritual, emphasizing full-blooded embodiment and the development of relational maturity.

At essence his work is about becoming more intimate with all that we are — high and low, dark and light — in the service of the deepest possible healing, awakening, and integration.

He works side-by-side and in very close conjunction with his wife Diane.


Robert Augustus Masters Online: Website | Twitter  | LinkedIn

Key Topics:

  • How Robert was pressuring himself to fit in to a man’s man’s crew.
  • What does it mean to be one of the boys?
  • How he switched gears and began taking an inner journey
  • How therapy helped break him open.
  • How does Robert get from ‘armored to open’?
  • How he learned to start opening the heart
  • How it’s a source of strength to be soft
  • What is a New Age man?
  • What’s wrong with the macho man?
  • Why there needs to be a middle road to embody guts and heart
  • Why anger without compassion is a dangerous aggression
  • How to get anger with some caring
  • What is Anger 101
  • Why anger is not necessarily a bad thing
  • How to get angry in a healthy way
  • Bob and Judith Wright and The Heart of The Fight – Fighting done well
  • How do we keep anger from becoming an amygdala fight-or-flight response
  • Why is shame one of our most hidden and misunderstood emotions
  • How our inner critic is really shame
  • How to call your inner critic out
  • What can we learn from fight club?
  • What’s the difference between anger and aggression?
  • Why couples get angry and how to bring them from aggression to a health anger.
  • How anger and love can co-exist
  • What a real man is
  • Why a real man can still have fear
  • Why a real man can say he’s scared, angry, or horny…
  • Why a man needs an edge, or a risk
  • How do we keep from pushing too far?
  • What can we learn from Jake in Avitar?
  • Why as men we need to bring out the hero inside of us?
  • Why we need to embrace everyday heroism
  • Why part of a man’s work is to go into his shadow land and bring back the gifts from it
  • Why it’s so important to turn toward your fears
  • What are the dangers of pornography
  • Why fantasy can be a danger as well
  • What do we tell our kids about pornography?
  • How do unresolved wounds end up in our sex life and what can we do about it?
  • What do we need to know about the penis?
  • What about breasts, the fascination with breasts, and breast-size
  • Why men’s obsession with breasts puts a lot of pressure on women
  • Why it’s so important not to compartmentalizing women, and stop compartmentalizing themselves
  • What do gay men need to know?
  • Why do gay men have a double-burden
  • What is awakened sex?
  • What should parents teach their boys about becoming a man
  • Why it’s so important not to shame boys
  • How to find out more: – special page called “Master’s Men’s work” 5 day groups, and training professional therapists,  psychologists, and counselors. (Is body-mind-spirit) For the professional training works closing with his wife Diane, just not on the men’s groups. 
  • What’s a conscious rant?    

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