How to Crack the Love Code for Better Romance, Sex & Happier Relationships

Learn from leading researcher, Dr Sue Johnson on finding the love of your life, rekindling failing relationships, preventing arguments & finding greater happiness. Plus, improving your sex life & the cuddle hormone!

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Today we’ll be talking with Dr. Sue Johnson, ground-breaking researcher, author, clinical psychologist, and leading innovator in the field of couple therapy. She is the primary developer of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) and the best-selling author of Love Sense: The Revolutionary New Science of Romantic Relationships and Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love.

Today we’re going to get down and dirty, talk about the tough stuff, what love is, what it isn’t, how to cultivate love, and what to do when love’s gone wrong. That, plus survival of the nurtured over survival of the fittest, why attachments are a GOOD thing, oxytocin, the cuddle hormone, why happy rats do the backstroke, and why we have things backwards when it comes to sex.


Key Topics:

  • Is it sex that makes great love, or love that makes great sex?
  • Why Love Sense is a warning, a revelation, and a promise
  • How the “Code of Love” has been cracked
  • Why Facebook’s killing romance!
  • Why Love is not a mixture of sex and sentimentality, but an ancient wired-in survival code.
  • Why society has it wrong when it comes to standing on your own two feet.
  • Why intelligent Gorillas check out things TOGETHER & only idiot Gorillas go solo!
  • The science behind love & humans as social beings
  • Why Darwin never said it’s “survival of the species & why it’s instead Survival of the Most Nurtured
  • What you can learn from electrically shocking women!
  • What in the world is the Cuddle Hormone?
  • Why you have a direct connection between sex & your nervous system
  • Why adult love & attachment is an adult version of the bond between mother & child
  • How a mountain becomes a molehill through love & attachment
  • How Winston Churchill found true love & how that helped the world!
  • Why we need others to give us safe and secure haven
  • How love & attachment affect women with careers
  • Why long-term relationships are the exception rather than the norm – and what in the world we can do about it?
  • Why big fights are never about what you think they are
  • What is a Hold Me Tight conversation?
  • Why James Bond does NOT have it going on!
  • Why we’ve got things backwards when it comes to sex!
  • Why Wailing Monkey Clasping Tree isn’t quite the way for optimal sex!
  • Why sex novelties aren’t always the answer
  • What dramatically helps you for the bedroom!
  • How tuning in and safety leads to erotic play
  • What assembling Ikea furniture and great sex have in common!
  • How to find passion again and again – rather than keep it on ice!
  • Online Pornography, the “porn trap” and sex addiction.


Dr. Sue Johnson is an internationally recognized leader in the field of couple interventions. She is known for her breakthrough clinical research on using emotions in therapy and shaping secure lasting bonds that create resilience.

She is a clinical psychologist and Distinguished Research Professor at Alliant International University in San Diego, CA and Professor at the University of Ottawa. Dr. Johnson is the primary developer of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), a short-term, structured psychotherapy approach to working with individuals, couples and families. It includes elements take from experiential, person-centered therapy, and systems approaches, but is firmly rooted in attachment science, and the attachment view of close relationships.


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