Learn How to Tap into Your Inner Voice & Joy That’s Within!

Learn How To Detox Through Your Breath, Body, Food & Skin For Total Health With Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom – Plus the Best Way to Keep Your Teeth Healthy for a Lifetime!!!

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If you’ve ever wondered what detoxing’s all about, or why so many people are doing it, talking about it, or even running kicking and screaming from it, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’re airing an interview from last year’s Mindful Running Program with Dr. Kalpna Ranadive talking about all things detox, from the air, food, water, the skin, the mouth, and, well, everywhere else. Plus she’ll talk about tooth health, ozone therapy ayurvedic nutrition, the safest water to drink, plus key food ingredients you can’t live without!

If you’re looking to upgrade your health, overcome injury or illness, or keep your teeth healthy for life, then this is the show for you!

So be well, have fun, enjoy the show, and above all else, shine bright!!!


Key Topics:

  • Detoxing through the Breath
  • Detoxing through the Mouth
  • Detoxing through your Skin
  • Detoxing your environment
  • Ozonators – good or bad?
  • Oil Pulling
  • Sweat
  • The Power of “Ohm”, Breath Counts & Ancient Meditation
  • Breath work for detox purposes
  • Alkaline Water
  • Pesticides
  • Organic Foods
  • How to save your teeth from root canals, even when things look bleak


Dr. Kalpna Ranadive, an Ivy League educated dentist has received advanced degrees from renowned institutions, has practiced natural dentistry for the past 20+years and has one of a kind expertise in the field of Implantology and Periodontics. She is a CAD-CAM Ceramic specialist and has created a globally unique dental practice model. Blending Single Visit Dentistry using Cutting edge CAD- CAM technology and Ancient integrative Vedic and natural healing she proposes long lasting ageless mouth philosophy globally.

Dr. Kalpna is a naturalist, minimalistic and eco-friendly dentist who strongly believes in saving every element of the tooth structure. She is amongst the few dentists in the entire nation who have gained advanced training in precise implant dentistry. She has received 7 years in a row with Consumers choice “America’s Top Dentists” award. She has been featured as a Dental Expert for “A New Me” interview for Fox 5 DC and WUSA Channel 9 TV shows.  Dr. Kalpna practices advanced dental techniques and believes in educating her patients to help prevent further tooth destruction.

Dr Kalpna is a huge proponent of women’s health and well being. She is involved in donating time and money towards encouraging young girls and dependent women in finding their true self and becoming self reliant financially and emotionally. She has been a big inspiration to many women locally as well as internationally. She is currently involved in donating time as well as dental services for abused women and children.


Kalpna Ranadive Online: Website | Facebook



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