INSPIRE #170: How to Have the Healthiest, Happiest Pets in the World – through Holistic Medicine

Dr. Dennis Thomas Shares Holistic Medicine Secrets, Tips & Tools (Plus Nutrition!) to Help Keep Your Pet Healthy Or Heal, Even From Life-Threatening Conditions (Cancer, Kidney Disease, Paralysis, More)

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If you’ve ever had a pet, or have a pet, and wonder if alternative, complementary, or holistic medicine may help or protect your pet, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with 30 year veterinarian and holistic veterinary practioner Dr. Dennis Thomas of Spokane Washington, who’s also the author of what I consider a brilliant book on holistic medicine geared toward pets, that could also hold true for us humans as well. It’s called Whole-Pet Healing: A Heart-to-Heart Guide to Connecting with and Caring for Your Animal Companion.

And that’s what I want to talk with Dennis about today. What is holistic medicine? What does look like? Why would one consider it, and why don’t main stream vets almost ever recommend it.

That plus we’ll talk about animal nutrition, vaccinations, chemotherapy, acupuncture, and why in the world you want to talk with your pet.

Plus how pets know when we’re coming home, how they help us get happy, why pets help us heal, what in the world’s a healing room, and why a living Buddha may be right at the end of your leash.


After two decades of practicing western allopathic veterinary medicine, Dr. Dennis Thomas learned Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and became certified in veterinary acupuncture and Chinese herbal therapy. Always searching for a deeper understanding of healing, he studied the principles of quantum physics, which confirmed the idea he had always had: that he was not the one healing the pets, but was rather an instrument to direct their healing. Dr. Thomas has a holistic veterinary practice in Spokane, Washington, where one of his great joys is educating people so that they, too, can help direct healing for their animal companions.


Dennis Thomas, DMV Online: Website | FacebookTwitter | Google+

Key Topics:

  • How Alex the kitten was saved and changed the course of Dr. Thomas’s career.
  • How did Dr. Thomas transition from traditional medicine to holistic veterinary care.
  • Why med school students are not trained in alternative medicine techniques
  • What is Holism?
  • How you can unbreach a baby just by pressing an acupressure point (and horses too!)
  • Why science and holism are in conflict.
  • How holistic healing works and the difference between holistic healing and a traditional medical approach
  • How you can influence your cat or dog energetically.
  • How you can direct healing to the cat, dog, or pet
  • What is subtle energy and how does that affect our pets (and their healing)
  • How he’s helped pets who have been paralyzed to regain movement
  • How animals have healed from mast cell tumors and solid cancerous tumors
  • Why some animals are sick from ‘energetic imbalances’ and what that really means
  • Are animals enlightened beings and what did they come here for?
  • Why our animals are little Buddha’s.
  • Do our pets get bored when we’re not home?
    1. Just wrote an article for Hay House on this.
  • What our pets can teach us about mindfulness
  • Why our pets don’t really suffer.
  • Does kidney disease have to be fatal to cats?
  • What do cat owners want to do early on – and why is nutrition so critical?
  • What does a balanced diet look like for our cats and for our animals?
  • Why we don’t ever want to feed our cats dried food
  • Why we are over-vaccinating our pets
  • What’s the harm with today’s vaccines
  • Do we want to give heartworm medication and flea medication
  • Where you can go for natural prevention to ticks and fleets,
  • Why insecticides for our pets is very harmful to our pet’s health.
  • How we prevent dental disease in our pets
  • What’s the myth for keeping our pet’s teeth clean
  • How people can find his blog at
  • How to find a holistic veterinarian
    1. American Holistic Veterinary Association

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