How to Go from Stressed Out to Thriving This Holiday Season

Learn How to Go from Surviving To THRIVING Through the Holidays & Enjoy Your Best Season Ever – No Matter What! CJ Liu from Fire It Up With CJ Shares Her Top Holiday Secrets!

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Bonus: Meditations with CJ Liu

Beautiful Guided ‘Light and Love’ Meditation to Help You Relax, Reset & Recharge. Perfect Any Time of the Day & Any Time You Are Stressed or In Physical or Emotional Pain

Two Short Exercises You Can Do Anywhere, Anytime to Boost Your Energy Levels During the Holiday Season or Whenever You’re Feeling Overwhelmed, Exhausted, Depleted, or Even Cold!


If you find this time of year overwhelming, stressful, or even a bit lonely, even despite the hustle and bustle of the world around you, then you’re not alone… and do we have the show for you!

In this episode, we’ll be talking with CJ Liu, career coach, intuitive, and radio host of the uber popular iHeart Radio show, Fire it Up With CJ and the Fire it Up with CJ YouTube channel.

We’ll be talking about making this season your best one ever, going from surviving the holidays, to THRIVING through the holidays. We’ll talk about coping mechanisms for stress, crowds, the family and more, and how to flip things around, turning this into a truly spiritual time of year, which is what it was originally intended. Plus we’ll look at the fun side of the holidays, ways to bring out that joy and cheer people used to talk about.


Key Topics:

  • What does a spiritual person want for the holidays?
  • What do Michael and Jessica want for the holidays?
  • How you can get the stress-levels down at the grocery store
  • How to create stories for compassion
  • How to create positive stories to calm your nervous system.
  • How to get centered and grounded with the craziness surrounding you.
  • How Silvia Bornstein would use time stuck in line to connect
  • How to be present and enjoy the festive surroundings when you’re stuck waiting
  • How to use your mala beads to send love to those that matter or to strangers standing around you
  • How to balance energies with those around you
  • How to use traffic lights as a meditative experience
  • How to negotiate families and family stress during the holidays
  • Why it’s so important to get back to the breath
  • The benefits of a holiday walk and getting back in your body
  • Why you actually WANT a kid during the holiday season!
  • What’s the true spirit of the holiday season
  • What it means for the experience to be greater than the gift
  • The important of connecting through massage
  • How to embody gratitude during the holidays
  • The importance of the human connection, particularly if you’re feeling lonely this time of year


As an Asian-American with 25 years in Corporate America AND an  spiritual explorer, CJ is a bridge between science and spirit,Western and Eastern, as well as logical and intuitive. She seeks out ideas from seemingly opposite sides of an issue to help her audience plug into what’s unfolding on a global scale. From energy healers to surgeons, psychics to psychologists, and vegans to ranchers, her diverse guests reflect her commitment to engage, challenge, entertain and enlighten in every show.


So you’re not a monk, but you still want to live a spiritual life?  Then Fire it UP with CJ is the place to go!  Yep, no shaved heads or orange garments needed to stay grounded, expand your awareness and be inspired to live your best life.  Every week CJ interviews some of the most provocative trailblazers in the fields of spirituality, environment, relationships, and parenting.  Gandhi had it right when he said change comes from the inside out.  Open your mind, open your heart,  and make the world a better place just because you’re in it.

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