Learn the Secret to Living a Truly Amazing Life – No Matter What!

Learn The Secret to Overcoming Incredible Obstacles, Large or Small & Building a Truly Amazing Life. Discover the Power of Reframing, Affirmations, Daily Habits & More!

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Today we’ll be talking with Aaron Kennard, author of The Positive Thinking Secret, and Affirm Your Truth: A 30-Day Mental Transformation from Stressed, Anxious, or Depressed – to Happy, Hopeful, and Full of Peace, and host of the fantastic podcast, The Truly Amazing Life Show.

We’ll be talking about the incredible ordeal he went through which nearly killed him, and how he came out the other side so incredibly positive and on a mission.

We’ll look at tools he’s put in place to help you get through the tough times, when life is derailing us or worse, to help us get you back on track, gain a positive perspective, and live a truly amazing life!


Key Topics:

  • How Aaron “failed” his way into 2 million dollars
  • How a sore-throat was a catalyst for expressing gratitude
  • What’s the most important thing to say, no matter what
  • Universal Truths for Life and for Healing
  • Law of Attraction and The Secret
  • Aaron Kennard’s 2011 Epiphany
  • How to discover why our lives are amazing
  • How to dwell on why life is amazing
  • A disease that nearly killed Aaron
  • How he was being torn apart and what he did mentally to get through
  • How the thought of being in control of one’s thoughts can help get you through
  • How to understand your circumstances don’t dictate how you live
  • What to do when doctor’s tell you to go home, and you know you’re dying
  • How faith can help you through
  • To see why everything can be in your best interest, even when you’re on the verge of death
  • How to understand even death may be happening for your best interest
  • The ‘radical’ diet that saved his life
  • Why donuts are our biggest nemesis!
  • The power of EFT and Tapping (check out our Dr. Dawson Church) episode for addictions
  • How Affirming Your Truth can help you with rewiring
  • How choosing to believe everything is conspiring for your best interest changes everything
  • A few important early affirmations to put into our repertoire or daily habits
  • How do you become a Jedi master?
  • How to keep from getting overwhelmed
  • The importance of celebrating life and playing



“To live a Truly Amazing Life – just Make Today Amazing.”

Aaron’s mission is to help you live a Truly Amazing Life. But contrary to popular belief, that is a matter of habit. Developing the essential habits of happiness and fulfillment is the best way to overcome depression, despair, mediocrity, and a host of other painful states – and to live a life of fulfillment and joy every single day. Aaron’s entire focus in writing is to create systems & tools that you can implement to help you develop these life-altering habits.

When not writing, Aaron loves to play with his four children and his amazing wife, and get outside to run and play in the mountains.


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