Uplifting Meditation with PMH Atwater

Use this beautiful guided meditation by PMH Atwater to feel uplifted, inspired, & connected to everyone & everything around you. You’ll feel enriched, inspired, at peace & at bliss, with a smile wrapped around your heart

Relaxation Meditation with Hannah Papp (10 Min)

Relax and enter a state of bliss with this beautiful guided meditation by Hannah Papp, author of The Mystical Backpacker.

Grounding Meditation with Katie Silcox (5 Min)

The perfect guided meditation to help you get grounded & relaxed if you’re feeling uncentered, spinny, light-headed or out-of-control. Led by Katie Silcox, Tantric Teacher & Author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy.

Relaxation Exercise & Meditation with Bruce Van Horn (5 Min)

Relax & Recharge With This Simple Movement from Bruce Van Horn. Clear Your Mind. Be More At Peace, More Creative, and Productive