How to Cut Through the B.S. & Chase Your Dreams

How to start the business of your dreams, run across deserts & live a life of passion!

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Mike-Stemple-former-ultra-endurance-runnerWhat do you ask someone who’s started 20 companies worth a combined 100 Million Dollars?

There was no shortage of questions in talking with Mike Stemple, former multi-day ultra-runner extraordinaire, Colorado mural artist & founder of

If you’ve ever driven the I-25 corridor through Denver, then you’ve seen his work.Mike-Stemple-Avalanche-sports-mural-Old-Chicago-Pearl-Street-Boulder-Colorado

We talked about him losing his hearing as a child, a brain injury at 24, never giving up, and the true meaning of courage. Plus we discussed why Yoda’s words, “there is no try” does more more harm than good. It was a fascinating talk, and I love Mike–he doesn’t know the meaning of fear.

It was a fascinating, uplifting talk, that gives you the courage to go out on your own and make your dreams come true, IF you’re willing to work for it, and are in alignment with your goals.

Mike is a true Inspirer!


Key Topics:

  • Running Across the Atacama After a Mistaken Preliminary Diagnosis of MS
  • Starting 20 Companies
  • Making Millions and Losing Millions
  • What it takes for a successful startup
  • Why surrender is not an option


Mike is a Colorado native who has built 20 companies that have grown to be worth $100+ million. He is sponsored endurance athlete, a mentor and Director-Emeritus at The Founder Institute, a mentor at Techstars, a past governor appointee to the CO Governor’s Council for Physical Fitness, and a proud veteran of the US Army.  Mike is considered an expert at ideation, innovation, startups, and brand creation. Mike works with clients to strategize on personal brand creation, the distribution opportunities that drive maximum revenue, and oversees the company and technology platform.


Mike Stemple Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedInp

Mike’s Personal Brand:

Mike’s Artwork: Stemple Studios


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