If you’ve ever wanted to talk with your guardian angels and get angelic assistance fast, then do we have the angel guide oracle deck show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Kyle Gray, one of the UK’s youngest, most sort after angel experts, the author of at least eight books, the creator of at least four angel card decks, and the author of a fascinating deck for communicating with the angels, “The Angel Guide Oracle Deck

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about calling on your guardian angels to get guidance and protection from beyond.





Kyle Gray is a spiritual teacher with a difference. With his sharp wit, need for truth, and a desire to shed light upon some of the more complex spiritual subjects, Kyle has become one of the most sought-after experts within his field.

With spiritual encounters from an early age, Kyle was just four years old when his grandmother’s soul visited him from the other side. Growing up, Kyle always had the ability to hear, feel and see what goes beyond the natural senses, which eventually led him to discovering the power of angels and positive energy in his teens.

Kyle’s presence and energy are infectious. He’s a game-changer who exudes courage and enthusiasm. It’s evident through his commitment to this work that Kyle believes that spiritual connection is possible for anyone and he is doing everything he can to make this possible and accessible.


Kyle Gray Online: Website

Key Points Discussed:

  • Can we all communicate with guardian angels? (04:01)
  • Re-establishing our relationship with the angels in this year of reinvention (05:20)
  • What he did the first time he saw his guardian angel and how he ended up becoming a renowned angel expert (07:03)
  • Becoming a columnist for the biggest newspaper in the UK and dealing with getting 5,000+ handwritten letters from people (12:30)
  • Is there a divine timing to everything and do we live in a magical world? (23:17)
  • Why Kyle feels intuition is the strongest form of spiritual communication (25:08)
  • Explaining the angel bumps people feel physically when they call upon the angels (27:40)
  • How do we call in the angels or hear our angels? (29:56)
  • The role that the energy within us plays in determining whether we can experience angels helping us (33:44)
  • How he used to call on the angels for protection and a golden glowing light when he was in school (35:44)
  • The story of how archangel Michael made him invisible as he was going through border control (39:25)
  • Do we each have a guardian angel and how can we connect with them? (41:05)
  • The importance of alignment to service in helping one to develop spiritually and create a radical shift in their life (44:42)
  • The contribution a strong meditation practice makes in his life (50:49)
  • Trusting in our vulnerability because that’s when we are our strongest (55:00)
  • Kyle’s angel deck prediction about the magical thing that will happen when Michael and Jessica tour Nevada (1:06:00)
  • Feeling angels versus seeing them and the importance of a prayer of grace (1:07:33)
  • 2020 as the year of improving relationships on an angel numbers level (1:11:37)
  • Is there any connection between angels and the symbol of a phoenix? (1:12:35)

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