If you’ve ever wanted to feel more limber in life, whether on or off the matt, then do we have the 365 Daily Meditations show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Scott Ginsberg, a long lost brother, though he doesn’t know that yet, and the author of over 35 books, 8 musicals, 5 software apps, 3 music films and a phenomenal daily read, 365 Daily Meditations for On and Off the Mat: A Year in Hot Yoga.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about daily meditations to relax the mind, stretch the body, and get you in your ohm.






ust ask Scott Ginsberg. In the beginning, it was just a gimmick to make friends. But soon, his crazy idea didn’t seem so crazy.

Scott’s social experiment has now evolved into an urban legend, world record, cultural phenomenon, and a profitable enterprise. Simply google the word nametag, and you’ll see his work benchmarked as a case study on human interaction, revolutionizing the way people look at approachability, identity and commitment.

Since 1999, Scott has authored 30 books, published an award winning blog, created, released seven albums on his own record label, done 500+ interviews with every news outlet in the country, created a suite of creativity based software apps, given a TEDx talk and delivered hundreds of presentations and corporate training programs worldwide.

He also wrote, produced, directed and scored two concert documentaries.

And he was also inducted into Ripley’s Believe It Or Not as the world record holder of wearing nametags.

He lives in Brooklyn, where he often talks to strangers.


Scott Ginsberg Online: Website| Twitter| Facebook

Key Topics:

  • How did Scott decide to wear a name tag every day for the rest of his life?
  • How’d he start writing books?
  • How did he first hire himself?
  • How did his work go viral before there was social media???
  • What’s the importance of rituals?
  • What medical event took place at 26 that changed his life?
  • How did he get into hot yoga?
  • What’s the importance of habits – and making habits historic?
  • What’s the importance of not rushing yourself?
  • How do we learn to treat ourselves with kindness and compassion?
  • What does the word practice mean, and why is it so important?
  • What’s the importance of the breath, and what we do with it?
  • What’s an exercise we can do with the breath today to help our minds?
  • What’s the importance of gratitude, particularly in times of anxiety?
  • How can yoga help you build momentum for the day?
  • What’s the importance of forgiveness?
  • What’s the importance of giving compliments?
  • What’s it mean to be grounded and why is this so important?
  • What does it mean, where there’s breath there’s hope.
  • Why’s it so important to resist panic?
  • How has he found the courage to step off the cliff and go for things?
  • How do we find the courage to step past our fears?
  • What’s the importance of “yes” people in our lives?
  • What can we learn from his teacher, and Inspire Nation guest Eric Maisel?
  • For More Info Google “Nametag” or

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