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Jessica and I discuss the miracles that have taken place to manifest our dream move, what steps we’ve taken, and how we’ve helped to bring it about. We talk about the positive power of intention, incredible synchronicities, letting go, and what we’ve done to open up to the field of infinite possibilities.

That plus we talk about the importance of getting uncomfortable; why it’s so important to stop the “busyiness”, or let go of the need to get things done; the incredible catharsis or healing power of moving, and what in the world a mid-life, life-review is—and how powerful and freeing it can be!

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Key Topics:

  • What are our two major manifestation miracles?
  • What the power of helping others is?
  • How moving can be a great workout!
  • What Paul Selig’s channeled work has to do with automatic writing?
  • How we can hear our own guides through automatic writing
  • What’s the importance of having our lives dismantled
  • What we can learn from overwhelm and how to move past it
  • What it means to be losing or letting go of your home
  • How Jessica came back from mold toxicity, and what a tandem had to do with anything
  • How our sadness can be a powerful, positive guide
  • The incredible miraculous story of manifesting our home
  • How to put your request out to the universe
  • And how to let go to get the results you desire
  • What’s the process or intention work Jessica Lee does?
  • Why we don’t want to force things or try to push a boulder uphill.
  • Why the answers come after stepping away
  • What are the goals you want to write down during your intention work?
  • How your intentions change as you begin to get what you desire
  • How to keep from getting caught up in someone else’s energy
  • How we’re being called to write a book on automatic writing
  • How to bring adventure back into your life!
  • How to get back into the best shape of your life!
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