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Leah Pearlman, Facebook ‘Like’ Button Creator on How to Live Open-Hearted! + Guided Meditation!

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If you’ve ever wanted to feel better about yourself and put the heart and passion back in your life, then do we have the happiness show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Leah Pearlman, human-being extraordinaire, the creator of the Facebook Like button, Facebook Pages, and a phenomenal new book that tugs at your heart strings, Drawn Together: Uplifting Comics on the Curious Journey Through Life and Love.

And that’s just what I want to talk with her about today, about opening our hearts and bringing more happiness back in.

That plus we’ll talking about Momo the cat, the power of burning man, learning to surf, dressing like a kitty, Tim and kissing pencils, and what in the world bees and BandAids, have to do with anything.

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As one of the earliest Product Managers at Facebook, Leah led the creation of the iconic “Like” button, an interesting invention for someone who didn’t like herself. In 2010, everything in her life was going well. She had a successful enviable career, friends, a loving family, but inside was chaos. She was constantly racked with insecurities she couldn’t express. She hid them behind a 15-year eating disorder, and immersed herself so fully in work work she never had time to feel. The day her dad’s cancer returned, her first thought was “Not now, I’m too busy.” And she suddenly knew, this has to stop.

Leah took a bold leap. She left Facebook to explore her life from an honest place. As she began learning about herself, she drew little stick figure comic strips about what she was discovering. She called her drawings Dharma Comics, and shared them on Facebook (obviously). She wasn’t an artist, or intending to be, but sharing in this way allowed her to express things that were heavy in a way that felt light. As she revealed what was true in her heart, she began to heal.

Dharma Comics is now a popular web comic series that is rapidly growing with an online audience of more than 60,000 followers. Fans of Leah’s work include Arianna Huffington, Eckhart Tolle, Sharon Salzberg, Gisele Bundchen, and Brene Brown. She is interesting, articulate, and passionate about inspiring others to stay true to themselves.



Leah Pearlman Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Key Topics:

  • How did she create the Facebook Like Button
  • What was the dual life she was living while having a career at Facebook
  • How she became bulimic in middle school
  • What her 2 x 4 was that stopped her in her tracks
  • How she took a break from Facebook and how she ended up at Burning Man
  • What’s the Axis of Contrast?
  • How she got a relationship with art
  • How she learned about doing things for the sake of doing them
  • How she first experienced forgiveness
  • What she gained from a 10 day Vipassana retreat
  • How she had never done anything spiritual or spirituality related before, and how she began to relate with spiritual people around the world
  • How did her drawings come about?
  • What’s universal about her drawings
  • What’s the importance of loving yourself
  • What her life’s journey or spiritual practice is
  • How she began to find self-love
  • What’s the mirror practice in the movie What the Bleep.
  • Why affirmations have never worked for her
  • What’s her favorite practice now
  • What’s the importance of asking questions
  • What are the answers she hears when she asks ‘what is my practice’
  • What her first tattoo felt like and how she used mindfulness to pay attention to the tattoo pain.
  • What does ‘bees and bandaids mean’
  • What’s the benefit of paying attention
  • What happened at her Ted Talk in Boulder Colorado?
  • What’s a Values Based Life?
  • What’s the Leah Cat?
  • What’s the importance of awareness and validating the current experience.
  • What Byron Katie means by every thought is just wanting a friend
  • What’s the importance of self-love?
  • – can order the book
  • What’s the importance of the little steps
  • Why putting the attention on something, makes it doable
  • A beautiful guided curiosity & awareness meditation

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