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Dr Joe Dispenza, Law of Attraction Expert from Movie ‘What the Bleep’ on Changing Your Thoughts to Change Health & Life!

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Today we’ll talk with Dr. Joe Dispenza one of the scientists featured in the award winning documentary What the Bleep Do We Know!? and the best-selling author of several very special books including Breaking The Habit of Being Yourself, Evolve Your Brain, and his latest New York Times best-seller, an empowering book that’s worth reading over and over again: You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter.

And that’s just what we’ll be talking about today, how to utilize the power of the placebo effect, and rewire your brain and recondition your body to make lasting change.

That plus we’ll talk about hotel maids, voo doo and lizards, what glass eating, snake handling, and drinking strychnine have to do with anything, how to get drunk on tonic water, what we can all learn from Jim Carrey, and what it means that Jesus wasn’t Italian!

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Joe Dispenza, D.C., first caught the public’s eye as one of the scientists featured in the award-winning film What the BLEEP Do We Know!? Since that movie’s release in 2004, his work has expanded, deepened, and spiraled in several key directions—all of which reflect his passion for exploring how people can use the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience and quantum physics to not only heal illness but also to enjoy a more fulfilled and happy life. Dr. Joe is driven by the conviction that each one of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities.

As a teacher and lecturer, Dr. Joe has been invited to speak in more than 27 countries on six continents, educating thousands of people in his trademarked easy-to-understand, encouraging, compassionate style, detailing how they can re-wire their brains and re-condition their bodies to make lasting changes. In addition to offering a variety of online courses and tele-classes, he personally teaches three-day progressive workshops and five-day advanced workshops in the U.S. and abroad. Dr. Joe is also a faculty member at the International Quantum University for Integrative Medicine in Honolulu; the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, New York; and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. He’s also an invited chair of the research committee at Life University in Atlanta, Georgia.

As a researcher, Dr. Joe explores the science behind spontaneous remissions and how people heal themselves of chronic conditions and even terminal diseases. He’s more recently begun partnering with other scientists to perform extensive research on the effects of meditation during his advanced workshops. He and his team do brain mapping with electroencephalograms (EEGs) and individual energy field testing with a gas discharge visualization (GDV) machine, as well as measure both heart coherence with HeartMath monitors and the energy present in the workshop environment before, during, and after events with a GDVSputnik sensor. Soon, he plans to include epigenetic testing in this research, as well.

As a corporate consultant, Dr. Joe gives on-site lectures and workshops for businesses and corporations interested in using neuroscientific principles to boost their employees’ creativity, innovation, productivity, and more. His corporate program also includes private coaching for upper management. He has personally trained a group of 40 corporate trainers who teach his model of transformation to companies around the world. He recently began certifying independent coaches in using his model of change with their own clients.

As an author, Dr. Joe has written Evolve Your Brain: The Science of Changing Your Mind (Health Communications, Inc., 2007), followed by Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One (Hay House, 2012), both of which detail the neuroscience of change and epigenetics. His latest book, You Are the Placebo: Making Your Mind Matter (2014), which is an Amazon Bestseller and hit the NY Times Bestseller List within a week of its release, builds on his previous work.

Dr. Joe received his doctor of chiropractic degree from Life University, graduating with honors. His postgraduate training covered neurology, neuroscience, brain function and chemistry, cellular biology, memory formation, and aging and longevity. When not lecturing and writing, Dr. Joe sees patients at his chiropractic clinic near Olympia, Washington.


Dr Joe Dispenza Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter  | YouTube

Key Topics:

  • How Dr. Joe Dispenza ended up in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?”
  • What thoughts and intentions have to do with bringing about an effect
  • How can you give someone a sugar pill or saline injection and a certain percentage of people will begin making their own pharmacy of chemicals
  • What it means to accept, believe and surrender to thoughts that are equal to our emotional state
  • How do we change our emotional state?
  • What the law of attraction has to do with any of this?
  • How to get ourselves out of autopilot and conscious of our unconscious thoughts?
  • What we need to know about the hormones of stress
  • What it means to become pure consciousness and disconnect from your biology
  • What does it mean to be pure consciousness
  • What’s an incoherent brain?
  • How do we learn how to create more coherence in our heart and our brains
  • What to do to shift the mind and create coherence when you’re under stress
  • How thoughts influence matter
  • What’s most exciting now for Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • What it means to see without eyes
  • How do we tap into consciousness on your own
  • When’s the best time to meditate
  • How do you manifest through your meditation
  • What we should know for our kids

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