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INSPIRE #285: The Awesome Art of Listening that Wins People Over

Dave Kerpen Shares the Art of Working With People & How to Listen, Relate & Get What You Want!

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If you’ve ever wanted better people skills, to communicate better, work better, and have people on your side, whatever you’re trying to do, then do we have the special show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Dave Kerpen, entrepreneur, speaker, and NYT Times Best-selling author. He’s the founder and CEO of Likeable Local, a social media company, and the chairman and cofounder of Likeable Media. He is also the author of a fantastic new book, The Art of People: 11 Simple People Skills That Will Get You Everything You Want.

And that’s just what we’ll talk about today, simple tools and techniques to help you work, play, and communicate better with those around you for your greatest happiness and success.

That plus we’ll talk about first dates at 21, 29 pairs of orange sneakers–and counting, how to eat at French Laundry, who’s the president of table clearing, why it’s oops I got your voicemail again, and how to have a free ballpark wedding–nationally televised, of course.

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Dave Kerpen is the founder and CEO of Likeable Local, a social media software company serving thousands of small businesses, as well as the chairman and cofounder of Likeable Media, an award-winning social media and word-of-mouth marketing agency.

Following Kerpen’s sponsored wedding which raised over $100,000 including $20K for charity, he and his wife Carrie started and transformed theKBuzz (founded in 2007) into Likeable Media, the only 3-time WOMMY Award winner for excellence from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) and one of the 500 fastest growing private companies in the US according to INC Magazine for both 2011 and 2012.

Kerpen is among the most popular writers in LinkedIn’s Influencer program, one of the most-read contributors for , and has been featured by CNBC, BBC, ABC World News Tonight, the CBS Early Show, the New York Times, and more. He has also keynoted at dozens of conferences across the globe including Singapore, Athens, Dubai, San Francisco and Mexico City.

Likeable Social Media: How to Delight Your Customers, Create an Irresistible Brand, and Be Generally Amazing on Facebook and Other Social Networks, was Kerpen’s first New York Times bestselling book. He followed Likeable Social Mediawith two more books, Likeable Business and Likeable Leadership. His fourth book,The Art of People, will be published in March 2016 and offers 53 bite-sized, easy-to-execute, and often counterintuitive tips, to learn and master the 11 People Skills that will get readers more of what they want at work, at home, and in life.


Dave Kerpen Online: Website | LinkedInFacebook | Twitter  | Google+ 

Likable Local:

Dave’s Baseball Stadium Wedding: 

Key Topics:

  • On Paradise Hotel Reality Show – Sexy Singles and One Nerdy Guy – Dave Kerpen
  • How he didn’t get 125,000 for making it to the final.
  • How he went on a reality TV show to find true love.
  • How Dave Kerpen ended up with his wife
  • How he taught math with oreo cookies
  • What was Mr K’s Math Money Mania and what were Mr K Dollars?
  • The importance of listening and understanding people’s need’s whether it’s in teaching, your career, sales, business or home.
  • Why Myer’s Briggs means nothing and the enneagram mean’s everything.
  • Who was Larry Benet and what are the 3 questions you have to ask – networking secrets
  • Why it’s so important when you’re networking to switch your agenda from selling stuff to learning about people
  • How Dave Kerpen’s been raising funds for Likeable Local
  • What orange shoes have to do with anything
  • Who is David McClure and what is 500 Startups in Silicone Valley?
  • What’s the power of Snapchat?
  • What’s the power of linkedin?
  • What’s the importance of empowering people (as leaders).
  • What Ooops I’ve Got Your Voicemail again – Brenda Fuentes’ persistence, passion and creativity story.
  • Why it’s important to act in the face of fear
  • What happiness means for Dave Kerpen
  • What’s the power of gratitude?
  • How gratitude is helpful in more than just your business or career, but to help put yourself in a good mood…the #1 happiness drug of all time!

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