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INSPIRE #264: How to Think & Grow Rich + Guided Meditation!

Joel Fotinos, Napoleon Hill Editor & Expert Shows How to Put Think and Grow Rich Into Action For Success, Happiness & Wealth! + Guided Meditation!

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If you’ve ever read Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, or wondered what the Secret to Success is, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Joel Fotinos, a winner of Science and Mind’s Spiritual Heroes of the Year Award, vice-president and publisher at TarcherPerigree, Napoleon Hill expert, the voice of 14 audio books including Think and Grow Rich and the Law of Success, a best-selling author and co-author with well over 120,000 books sold, and the editor of a new favorite book of mine, Road to Success.

Today we’ll talk about the principles of Napoleon Hill and how to translate his words into practical advice for your happiness and success.

That plus we’ll talk about the power of play, bushels of chestnuts, why calamity and failures are a good thing, and perhaps the most creative way to get someone bedridden out of bed.

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Joel Fotinos is a publisher, businessman, motivational speaker, minister, and author of several books, including “My Life Contract” and “The Think & Grow Rich Workbook.” He has also narrated many audio-books, including “Think and Grow Rich,” “The Secret of the Ages,” “How to Be Rich,” and “The Master Key to Riches.” He lives near and works in New York City. You can find more about him at


Joel Fotinos Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter  | LinkedIn

Key Topics:

  • How Joel become a Napoleon Hill Junkie
  • What financial disaster do for him
  • How he came across Think and Grow Rich, and How Michael Sandler came across Think and Grow Rich
  • What was an early takeaway from Napoleon Hill
  • What’s the importance of a definite goal
  • How did Joel begin figuring out his direction or aim
  • How Joel overcame credit card debt from 23 credit cards
  • How Joel wanted to become a millionaire and how he used the principles of Napoleon Hill’s Think and grow Rich to get out of credit card debt in three years.
  • How he began to have faith
  • Why the real work for him was switching around his lack thinking
  • What was the Golden Rule Magazine
  • How did Andrew Carnegie influence Napoleon Hill
  • What did prayer mean to Napoleon Hill
  • How did Up from Slavery by Booker T Washington, influence Napoleon Hill
  • Why you’re not judged by what you’ve achieved, but the obstacles you’ve overcome
  • How Napoleon Hill grew up in poverty with a primitive education and turned his life around.
  • How Napoleon Hill pitches himself to General Ayres
  • What’s the importance to Napoleon Hill in forgiveness?
  • What’s the power of helping others
  • What does Happiness have to do with Napoleon Hill
  • Is Think and Grow rich hard work, or is happiness involved
  • How Napoleon Hill describes happiness as a compass for determining what it is we want in life
  • What’s Napoleon Hill think about the power of imagination?
  • What does Edwin C. Barnes have to do with anything?
  • Why Napoleon says bees are smarter than man
  • How to take action to overcome obstacles, and what the great lessons are in your obstacles and every ‘failure’ you overcome.
  • What can Roz Savage teach us about taking action; massive achievement through tiny incremental gain
  • Why does Napoleon Hill believe self-control is so important
  • What Napoleon Hill means by doing more than what you’re paid to do
  • How the Golden Rule or the ‘law of retaliation’ is how to help others and succeeding in life
  • What Amy Cuddy’s book presence says about interns which applies to what Napoleon Hill is sharing about being a go-giver (John David Mann) and helping others
  • How do you think success to be successful?
  • How autosuggestion is loading your mind, or flooding your mind with positive ideas (positivity) and positive action steps
  • How do we use Napoleon Hill tools of autosuggestion?
  • Why you may want one, two, or three goals in your life, and how to bring them about, even on a daily basis
  • What’s the power of writing down our action steps, goals, and results each morning and each night
  • What would Napoleon Hill say about kindness and compassion to yourself if you do slip up.
  • How Road to Success can be useful for teen-agers and college students

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