INSPIRE #172: How to Channel an Angel + Answers from an Angel on Life, Love & Purpose

Gerry Gavin Shares How We Can All Channel Angels, How to Do It, What They Can Teach Us, Plus An Amazing Visit From His Angel Margaret – Plus Meditation.

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If you’ve ever wondered if angels were real, and if so, what one would say if you asked your questions, then do we have the angelic show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Gerry Gavin, best-selling author of the brand new book,   If You Could Talk to an Angel: Angelic Answers to Your Questions on Life, Love, Purpose, and More and Messages From Margaret: Down-to-Earth Angelic Advice for the World…and You.

And that’s just what I want to talk with Gerry about today and if we’re lucky, Margaret, and Angel who communicates through him. I want to find out how we can all talk with angels, what that really looks like, and then get answers from angels to the big really big questions on life.

That plus we’ll talk about haunted houses, descending white spiders, mis-takes, the Lucky Seven, hugging trees, and why letting a balloon go free, may be the greatest experience in the world.

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Gerry Gavin is an author of the new Hay House book “If You Could Talk to an Angel” as well as his first book “Messages from Margaret.” He is a speaker, life coach, medium, and host of a very popular weekly radio program on, which has a loyal international following. He is the creator of the very successful Angels & Shamans workshop, which puts participants in direct connection with their angels and guides. Gerry channels the angel Margaret, who conveys life-changing, down-to-earth angelic advice, at public appearances, on radio programs, and in private readings. He also specializes in shamanic healing practices that help individuals to reclaim their power, health, and even lost pieces of their soul through a process called soul retrieval. His work is a combination of modern therapeutic techniques and ancient healing practices that listen to the body, mind, and spirit to help clients reach their fullest potential. Gerry lives on a small horse farm in New Jersey.


Gerry Gavin Online: Website | Facebook

Key Topics:

  • How Gerry ended up in a haunted house in 1991.
  • A wild technical difficulty.
  • What happened during an exorcism of the house
  • What happened to the energy as it left the house
  • What is shamanism?
  • How Gerry began using the Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsch Automatic Writing Process
  • How Gerry made contact with an angel named Margaret
  • How Gerry came out of the ‘angelic closet’
  • How has communicating with an angel for 20 years changed us
  • How he channeled Margaret for our Inspire Nation interview.
  • What the process of channeling looks like
  • What Margaret wants to help us understand about joy.
  • Is it okay to focus on what’s fun, versus what we’re ‘supposed to do’
  • Does each of us have an individual soul purpose?
  • How does one get unstuck, particularly if one is not finding joy?
  • What is war and why is war hear?
  • What can you say for someone losing a child?
  • How humanity’s consciousness is growing, and awareness is growing
  • What is destiny and free will?
  • What’s the key to living a life of overflowing abundance?
  • Can you talk with us about suicide?
  • last words of wisdom from an angel
  • How to find the angel that’s always with you
  • How do we begin to communicate with angels?
  • How to hear whether the voices in your head are yours (ego) vs. being channeled (divine).
  • The Lucky Seven very short meditation.

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