INSPIRE #130: How to Raise Your Vibration & Transform Your Life through One Simple Practice!

Discover A Simple Practice That Can Literally Transform, Elevate, and Inspire Your Life & Raise Your Vibration! Learn a Channeled Teaching from Spiritual Intuitive Paul Selig & His Guides.

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If you’ve ever wondered why we’re here, what we’re supposed to do, if it’s a special time for humanity, and why in the world there’s suffering if there’s a God, then do we have a special show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Paul Selig, he’s an intuitive, a channeler, a clairvoyant, and earlier in his life graduated with his masters from Yale, and served on the faculty of NYU for 25 years.

Today we’re going to talk about a channeled work of his, The Book of Mastery: The Mastery Trilogy: Book I, and what we can all learn from the words on it’s pages. I’ve found the book quite profound, and one I’ll want to read again and again and again. For in its pages is a simplicity and a wisdom I’ve rarely encountered, and want to be reminded of over and over again.

So today we’ll talk about what we’re here for, where we’re going, what it all means, and why in the world “evil” in quotes even exists.

Plus we’ll talk about what it means to be a channel and clairvoyant, and to do work that one never signed up for, or maybe one did.



Paul Selig, who graduated from Yale with a Master’s degree and served on the faculty of NYU and Goddard College, is more surprised than anyone by the information that comes through to him.  He’s most comfortable being referred to as a Channel, but often called a Medium or Psychic.  His clients include top executives and celebrities.  
He leads channeled workshops around the world as well as live-stream seminars.  He’s on the faculty of Omega Institute, The Kripalu Center and Esalen Institute.  He lives in New York City where he maintains a private practice as an Intuitive. For further information you can go to his website at:


Paul Selig Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Vimeo

Key Topics:

  • What was the spiritual awakening that occurred in 1987?
  • How did transmissions begin to come through.
  • How Paul can be resistant to transmissions and what it means.
  • How much can Paul keep up with the teachings from his guides .
  • What it means to remind us of who we are at the level of expression
  • What the divine principle of who we are or the logos of humanity really is.
  • What the collective agreement is we’re all living under.
  • Why the goal —according to the guides—is not about happiness, which is really about contentment, which is resting in the known.
  • Why the guides would prefer to move us into joy…and most importantly that this is all school and that we’re here to learn.
  • Why it’s not about rose-colored glasses, but really about truth.
  • Why thinking it’s all good or dark brings us more into alignment with the dark.
  • Why you cannot be the light and hold another in darkness
  • Why judgment is fear.
  • What it means to live on a planet with war, and what that means.
  • Who is the ‘small self’ versus who we ‘truly are’?
  • Why they say fear doesn’t exist to the true self or the eternal self.
  • What it means by ‘How one serves is how one is most truly realized as their true self’ .
  • What it means to be in service.
  • What’s the most important teaching coming through for Paul.
  • What’s the importance of not making choices based in fear.
  • How does one know who they truly are and work on who you truly are.
  • How do we get how ‘valuable’ we truly are.
  • What ‘I am Here, I am Here, I am Here’?
  • What are the three divine attunements ?
  • What it means that the book is a transmission (and what is the energy in both channeling and this book?)
  • Why channeling for Paul is really taking dictation.
  • A special message the guides have for all of us —Paul Channel’s and it’s fascinating to hear the guides speaking through him—


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