INSPIRE #143: How to Relax & Beat Stress by Changing Your Environment, Body, Nutrition & Brain!

Discover the Science and Biology of Beating Stress: How Changing Your Environment, Body, Nutrition, and Brain Can Help You Find Balance & Peace, Plus Meditation!

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If you ever felt stressed, or anxious and who hasn’t these days , then do we have the stress-relieving show for you!!!

Today we’ll be talking with Jeanne Ricks, Anti-Stress Expert, nutritional consultant, and best-selling author of The Biology of Beating Stress: How Changing Your Environment, Your Body, and Your Brain Can Help You Find Balance and Peace and the complimentary workbook, Be More ~ Stress-less! – The Workbook: Realize your best life by retooling your stress.

Today we’ll talk about the biology of stress…what it is, where it came from, and how in the world to outrun it…or to beat it at it’s own game. We’ll look at stopping stress, reducing stress, and eating our way to stress free.

Plus we’ll look at the momentum of the momentum, dancing with elephants, the power of the inner scream, and why we might want to the cha-cha, with the circadian rhythm.



Jeanne Ricks is an is an empowering and sought after Speaker, Author, Nutritional Consultant, and Clinical Hypnotist who is quietly turning Stress Management on its head. Her book, “The Biology of Beating Stress,” and workbook “Be More Stress-less,” are available nationwide. She consistently delivers the same signature warmth, wit, tough love and common sense in-person as she does on the written page. Jeanne distills a dizzying and often contradictory array of information into simple, actionable terms that people can understand. The results have been significant — A ripple effect has helped countless people overcome anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, weight gain, headaches, poor digestion, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, high cholesterol and insomnia. It’s a talent that has earned her widespread recognition, as evidenced by her stint as the Director of Holistic Wellness Programs for The City College of New York as well as, through her own company NuDay Holistic Consulting.


Jeanne Ricks Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn

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Key Topics:

  • What’s the benefit of chocolate?
  • What’s the biological basis for stress?
  • What’s the problem with stress?
  • What’s the momentum of the momentum?
  • What’s the danger of visceral fat? 
  • What’s the stop technique?
  • How can a smile help with stress? 
  • Why the brain only knows what you tell it.
  • What are techniques we can start on a biological level to turn stress around?
  • How can breathing help to reduce stress?
  • How can alternating nasal breathing help reduce stress?
  • Why we want food with the greatest “information”
  • Phytonutrients
  • Plant Life
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • How food becomes medicine because of the quality of the information of your food.
  • Why men who are almost 50% more likely to get diabetes because of stress
  • The value of starting meals with 3 deep breaths
  • What foods are calming?
  • What foods should we take under stress?
  • Why you want a very small amount of “clean” protein each month
  • How she defines “clean” protein
  • The dangers of processed foods
  • What are considered processed foods?
  • How can stretching help reduce our stress?
  • Are people exercising too much?
  • Why longer exercise movements can actually hurt you (and keep the weight on)
  • Why you lose muscle each year, and what it means to your metabolism
  • What’s the benefit of HIIT training
  • Why Suzanne Somers gets HGH injections, but instead a NATURAL way to do it.
  • What’s the benefit of glutathione?
  • How exercise can slow your aging
  • How you can fool the brain to burn more calories than it wants to. 
  • How exercise can help prevent cancer or prevent you from getting sick
  • How do we dance with the elephants?
  • How can we let out stress?
  • What’s an inner scream?
  • What’s the benefit of wall push-ups
  • How do we give people permission to heal and to feel better?
  • How can meditation biologically help with stress?
  • What’s the importance of our relationship with sleep?
  • How you can sleep off fat
  • How do we cultivate self-love?


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