INSPIRE #133: How to Turn Your Home or Office into Your Sacred Space!

Learn How to Transform Your Home Or Office Into the Perfect Place to Rest, Live, or Work – Declutter & Re-Energize Your Sacred Space, Plus Key Tips for Parents!

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If you’ve wanted a sacred space, or a place to catch your breathe, feel better about life, or take a collective sigh and go ahhhhh, then you do we have the show for you.

Today we’ll be talking Jill Angelo, a specialist in turning your home into a sanctuary, and the author of a gem of a book called Sacred Space: Turning Your Home Into a Sanctuary.

Today we’ll talk about transforming your home, and your energy, one room at a time. We’ll look at decluttering, redecorating (don’t worry guys this is just as much for you), bring in nature, creating a shrine, and bringing your energy way up in your home, or home office, giving you the space you need to relax.

That plus we’ll talk about Tina Turner, Gregorian Chants, what your closets have to say, and why walking a pack of dogs is like the Kentucky derby!



Jill Angelo is author of Sacred Space: Turning Your Home Into A Sanctuary. She has more than 25 years of experience in business and operations management, an education in marketing and design, and a background in psychology and the mystical arts. Her fine-tuned abilities and out-of-the-box approach to life have uniquely prepared her for creating sacred spaces for people with wide-ranging interests and budgets.


Jill Angelo Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest


Jill Angelo’s Book:

Key Topics:

  • Why Peanut’s the luckiest dog on earth
  • What’s it like walking 4 dogs at once?
  • What it means to be a ‘failed’ doggie foster parent.
  • The tragedy that helped Jill to start making a sacred space
  • How Caroline Myss’s book Anatomy of the Spirt jumped off the bookshelf at her.
    1. How she began attending CMED classes and then became her dear friend and mentor.
  • What she learned from this time period
  • How she started working on a sacred space room by room
  • Why she had to work with contractors on the bathrooms.
  • How light affects mood
  • Why you want to smell your furniture before your bring it in.
  • Why creating a sacred space doesn’t cost a lot of money.
  • Why paint can make all the difference
  • What the right room to paint first is.
  • Why the first step in changing energy is always removing clutter
  • What your closet can tell you about yourself.
  • Why we’re typically not decorating with our favorite colors
  • How different colors have different energies to them.
  • Key steps to decluttering.
  • How to clean your closet
  • How to let go of things
  • How to purify rooms in our home
  • What the power of intention is in clearing your space.
  • What’s the importance of a focal point when walking into a room
  • What’s the importance of scent in creating our space.
  • How to bring in Nature, and the smells of nature into your home
  • How can sound affect your environment.
  • What you can put into your paint to change the energy of a room
  • What you can do with essential oils you’ve probably never thought of.
  • How can altars help our home?
  • What are the different types of altars in a home?
  • Great suggestions for spiritual altars
  • What do we want to think about for kids rooms?


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