INSPIRE #127: How to Live Well, Spend Less & Enjoy the Good Life…On a Budget!!!

Discover How to Save Money, Spend Wisely & Live Well On a Budget From Spending Expert & Super Saver Ruth Soukup. Tips for Saving, Decluttering, Taking Care of Kids & Running a Home Business

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If you’ve ever felt like your spending, finances, or life is out of control, then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll be talking with Money Saving…scratch that, money SPENDING expert Ruth Soukup, best-selling author of Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life, and the incredibly popular Living Well Spending Less blog!

Today we’ll be talking about her fantastic book, which isn’t just a way to save money, but a different way of living plus we’ll talk about how she went from a self-proclaimed shopaholic to a money saving expert and neat freak.

We’ll learn about finding your sweet spot, achieving your goals, decluttering your life, and of course, spending less, and living more!

That plus how to eat an elephant, why a 150,000 chevy tahoe is the greatest vehicle around, why it’s okay to fail, and how to eat frogs first thing in the morning.



Ruth Soukup is a blogger, author, and entrepreneur, as well as the New York Times bestselling author of Living Well Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life and the founder of the Living Well Planner™. Through her popular blog,, she encourages more than a million monthly readers to follow their dreams and reach their goals, sharing easy-to-implement tips and strategies for saving time and money while focusing on the things that matter most. She lives in Florida with her husband Chuck and two daughters, Maggie and Annie.


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  • How Ruth was an imaginary ‘over-spender’ as a little girl.
  • What Hurricane Charlie did to her spending habits
  • How Target became her toy store.
  • What was the internal struggle Ruth was going through.
  • What the Retail Therapy myth is.
  • What are some key steps for turning your life around
  • What is the sweet spot? And what does it mean to live within your sweet spot.
  • What it means to Bloom Where You Are?
  • Why it’s okay to fail.
  • Why failure may bring freedom
  • How prayer and faith can help
  • How written goals helps Ruth
  • What is the power of writing goals down
  • How does one eat frogs – and why do we want to do it first thing in the morning (Brian Tracy)
  • Original Idea by Brian Tracy – Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy
  • How to knock out a couple of frogs before breakfast
  • Why Bob Proctor had insurance salespeople at career seminars be in front a client before 9 AM – front-loading with the big frog first!
  • Why Ruth gets up 4 AM and what her morning routine looks like.
  • Why Ruth blocks off morning time for content creation.
  • Why Ruth took away all of her kids toys
  • Check out her next book Unstuffed which talks about it in detail
  • How to create the write environment to bring out your creativity
  • Why shopping without a purpose was a destructive behavior
  • How shopping was just a way of killing time instead of living life
  • What does it mean to be a steward of money?
  • What a spending freeze is, and what’s the Spending Freeze Challenge
  • Another book of hers – 31 Days of Living Well and Spending Zero: 1 month to reset your habits
  • How do you cut your grocery bill in half?
  • How to be a smarter shopper
  • How to use meal plans to save money
  • Highly recommends
  • What is Stitch Fix?
  • What other tips does she have for spending wisely?
  • Why quality over quantity is so important
  • What it means that a clean house is a happy house
  • How do we start chiseling into the mountain of clutter?
  • The importance of stopping the flow to control clutter
  • Why we sometimes need to be a little brutal (ruthlessly purging)
  • How do control clutter when you have kids
  • Why you want to show your kids the show Hoarders


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