How to Move Past Pain & Illness without Harmful Drugs

Learn How to Overcome Pain, Reduce Inflammation and Heal Injuries Without Traditional Pharmaceuticals, plus what you need to know about pain management, meds & addiction.

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TopricinIf you’re looking for a motivational boost, or have aches, pains, or injuries you need to heal, or if you’re struggling with pain medications or addictions, then do we have the show for you!!!

We’ll be talking with a walking, talking, inspirational dose of caffeine-free positivity and pain-relief. His name is Lou Paradise, he’s the founder of Topical Biomedics, a decorated marine medivac veteran, a homeopathic company, and is on a mission to help people heal without harmful meds.

So today we’ll be talking about pain management, inflammation, overcoming injuries, concerns about meds, pain killer addiction, natural medicine’s and what you need to know if you’re ever injured or in great pain!

So sit back, have fun, enjoy the show, and above all else, Shine Bright!



Lou founded Topical BioMedics, following 25 years dedicated interest in the application of herbal and homeopathic medicines and therapies, and nutritional supplements to stimulate health and healing. Mr. Paradise’s enthusiasm, insight, and perseverance during a ten-year research and development phase led to the company’s breakthrough product, Topricin®.

Mr. Paradise frequently serves as an expert speaker on the use of natural medicines on nationally syndicated radio, and conducts pain management seminars for audiences throughout the northeast. Lou has participated in addressing compliance issues related to natural medicines with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and regularly speaks to clinical audiences on the use of the company’s proprietary technologies in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, and trauma injury as a compliment to primary care. Formerly, Lou worked in the brokerage and aerospace industries.

Mr. Paradise served in the U.S. Marine Corps on active combat duty during Vietnam, where he was decorated for bravery during military and humanitarian rescue missions.


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