How to Keep Going When Sh*t Hits the Fan

In 2004 Michael Sandler rode 5000 miles solo & unsupported to help those with learning disabilities. In this heart-warming interview, learn how to find strength to continue when the going gets tough.

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Jessica: You might know Michael Sandler as the uber positive host of Inspire Nation. And you might think that he was born this way… well, though he did came into this world with some admirable traits, he had to work pretty hard at becoming the man I so admire today.

As Michael’s wife, you might think that I’ve heard his stories a million times by now–it’s true I have, but amazingly I never tire of hearing them. There’s always something new & fascinating to learn. So I decided I wanted to give you, the listener, the opportunity to be truly inspired by Michael himself.

In this episode we zero in on one incredible epic journey that Michael took. Back in 2004, he rode his bicycle across the country to raise awareness for children and adults with learning disabilities, 5,000 miles in 40 days, solo and unsupported. Yes, that means it was him, his bicycle, a few pieces of precious gear, and Mexican radio – though that didn’t last very long. We’ll talk more about that later.

We’re going to talk about divine inspiration – how to know when it’s not coming from you, perseverance vs. being plain stubborn; how to keep going when the going gets tough, what to do when people start doubting you, how to summon in the miracles when things start looking bleak & keeping the faith no matter what.


Key Topics:

  • What possessed Michael to undertake such a grueling physical endeavor
  • Why he only allowed himself 6 weeks to prepare
  • Why Michael brought 1/2 of a Wayne Dyer book with him, and mailed the rest of the Wayne Dyer book back to himself!
  • Finding out how little you need to survive and the beauty of simplifying
  • How Michael went from calling events “nightmares” to “opportunities”
  • How people doubted Michael’s ability to finish, and why Michael never wavered in his conviction
  • How the universe sometimes tests you
  • Michael’s metaphor of standing on a diving board and sinking down before you can launch
  • What Michael discovered when he finally turned off the music and what you can discover in the silence
  • How to get over the fear of being alone
  • What happened when Michael ran out of money on 3 separate occasions
  • How to call in more miracles into your life
  • How doing good in the world, brings more
    goodness back to you
  • What transpired when Michael got pulled over by police (twice!)
  • Why it’s ok if you’re path in life isn’t a straight line
  • Why sometimes it’s necessary to go backwards, before you can move forwards
  • How to cultivate your intuition and be certain it’s not coming from you
  • How Michael got through some of the toughest parts of America, including the murder capital of the country, on his bicycle


Best-selling author Michael Sandler has been a professional athlete and coach for over 25 years, most recently developing and spearheading the Mindful Running Movement through and Having survived and thrived after two near-death accidents left him with twin titanium hips and femurs, he has a contagious positive can-do attitude and travels the world teaching others how they can overcome their own challenges. He is passionate about helping others discover their true-nature, tap into their inner-wisdom, heal, and run like they’ve never run before!

Jessica Lee is a leading expert on exercise and mindfulness, focusing on a more intuitive, playful and heart-centered approach. She is co-founder of, president of and co-author of the best-seller’s Barefoot Running and Barefoot Walking. When not at home exploring her mind-heart connection through painting, she travels the world with her husband Michael Sandler, teaching people how to cultivate greater health, awareness, and compassion by rediscovering the Buddha-nature in all of us.


Michael Sandler Online:  Facebook | Twitter


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