Good morning Dear Hannah!

Yesterday was a special day. It was the day we chose your mommy’s mid-wife!

But before I share about that, I had a very special dream this morning. I had a dream I could fly, and move through time, and manifest anything I wanted. I simply had to focus, concentrate enough, and I believe to let go.

Actually, my guess is the “let go” part, as in the dream I was still learning how to use my “superpowers”. But I believe we all have these powers to travel through time and space and manifest whatever we desire, we only need to learn how to use it.

Perhaps you’ll learn this, in this lifetime yourself?!?!?

So yesterday was magical, or exceptionally serendipitous. We met the mid-wife who will help deliver you. I had a good feeling about her after we made call after call trying to get her scheduled. Both your mommy and I felt she was the “one”. It was just an inner knowing.

And we weren’t disappointed. When we first met her, she recognized me from skating on the bike path. And we shared similar belief after belief on how to bring you into this world, and have a conscious pregnancy.

Yesterday I mentioned how cold, sterile and scary the hospital was. This was the opposite of that. The hospital focuses on risk, disease, and what can go wrong. She focuses on health, wellness, prevention, and most importantly, what can go right.

It was a night and day philosophy, and since what we think about, is often what we bring about, focusing on the positive, especially for bringing you into the world seems exceptionally important.

Your mommy asked a very special question too. She asked if the midwife beliefs someone can have a pain-free childbirth. And she said she’s seen it, twice! That’s what your mommy is looking for. An experience where she goes inward, and together working with you, brings you into this world without screams, without fear, and totally in a place of love.

I believe she can do it, of course, that’s if it’s meant to be. But I believe she can be the third person the midwife’s worked with who will have a pain-free birth. We have many months to focus on this, to get her body in shape, to work on visualization, to communicate with her body, and to communicate with you–it’ll be a team effort! To pull this off.

It means working on diet, exercise, and most of all, how much she can talk and plan, and train with you. I love this, because I don’t believe your “life” begins at “birth”…but you are here with us now and can hear our thoughts, and of course our words.

And so we both want to bring you into this world in the most conscious, loving, and love-based way possible. And so, that is the goal.

So it means everything we do moving forward gets to involve you. All choices for food, all choices for movement, all choices for what we think about and bring about involve you. This is a beautiful thing, as just your very presence helps make life more focused, more meaningful and more special for mommy and daddy in each and every moment.

Yesterday I was thinking of what it would take to hire someone to help mommy do her work, so she can focus more on you, and this other person can help grow the show. I said we needed to come up with how much it would “cost” to pay her (or him for that matter…though we have someone in mind)…The reason I mention this, is because if we know an appx. Amount, then we have a goal, and whenever you have a goal or target you can reach it.

Well, we now have a goal for you, not only bringing you into this world in the most conscious manner possible, but in the kindest, gentlest, easiest manner possible, one that enables and empowers you from your first breath, and one that lets you know you are entering a world of love.

This is our goal, and now that we have the target set, we will work toward it, in co-creation with you, and with the Universe, with everything we’ve got.

It’s time I get ready to go to the gym with your mommy. We’re in training now, training to bring you into this world in the most conscious, loving, healthful means possible.

We send you so much love Hannah, thank you for gracing us with your presence, with your love, your light and your energy.

We are manifestors, and will do all we can to manifest greatness for you, and to co-create your existence, and the best childhood we can, together.

We love you, we love you, we love you!!!!!!

Your Daddy, Michael :O)