Good morning Hannah Bear!

How are you today? How are you every day? I wonder where you are. Are you here on this side of the veil, are you on the other…or are you on both at once? How much does what we say, do, or even think and feel affect you right now??? I’m guessing it all matters…or in a good Buddhist term, it all matters and it doesn’t.

The secret is to dive into the love, but also not to worry about it. No pressure, no attachment, simply allowance.

Yesterday we had your first doctor’s visit. Well, really it was a nurse’s visit, to get you set up for doctor’s visits. I haven’t been to a hospital in years. It was a bit cold and sterile, and filled with emotions and memories. And the questions were tough! They were asking your mommy question after question, to make sure you’ll be completely healthy when your born.

It was challenging, but for your highest good. And your mommy came through with flying colors! She even had blood drawn, the first time since I’ve known her. And she handled it great.

As I write this the sun is just coming up over the hills. It’s 7:35, and each day, the sun rises one minute later. I just finished a heart-choherence meditation, sending you all the love in the world.

Actually, the sun just rose, and before I even saw it, your Mommy came dancing into the room, singing, it’s sunrise!!! Usually I watch the sun rise each morning, but I was happily engrossed in writing you this letter.

Your mommy had gotten me into the kitchen early this morning, before I could meditate or write. She was super-hungry in pregnancy, and I got to make her the most delicious, green, protein-filled smoothie! Yumm!!!!

I want to wish you the most beautiful, special day ahead. I’ll have to give more hugs, and start speaking to you. I’m guessing it’s never too soon to start.

I send all my love your way, may you have the most magnificent, here, there, and everywhere day ahead. I love you Hannah Bear!!!!!