Good morning Hannah!

What a special day it is. Well, truth be told, any day that we get out of bed is a special day, and as you know from beyond the veil, every day period is a special day!

Yesterday we went for a hike in Glenwood springs, and your mommy asked me to tell you a stor, and so I shared of how we met. How I came out of “the woods” and finally made peace with where I was at; how I began going to the Shambala Center in Boulder, and how I knew I’d meet someone special.

That was nearly 9 ½ years ago. It’s been a beautiful, challenging and trying time since then. Your mom has demanded a lot of me, she’s a very strong woman. She’s very sensitive too, and she demanded that I become the best version of myself I could be. That’s actually a piece of the prayer that I used to say daily before I met her. I would have a list in who I was looking for in your mommy, and one big piece of that list was for someone who could help me to become more of who I could be. And boy did I find her!

So yesterday we hiked above Glenwood Springs. We’d gone down there, about 20 miles from home, to fine me new glasses, to help my eyes relax when I work–they’ve been getting fatigued, and at play (they’re blurry on the trails). And then, despite the sun setting early in the fall sky, we went for a hike nearby.

Your mommy says it’s because of you, in the most beautiful way, we went hiking. She was hungry and tired, but knew the movement would help you, would help her, and the more time in nature the better it would be for you. She’s making so many beautiful decisions both for your health, and long-term well-being. She knows the more she gets to nature, the more you’ll enjoy nature. The more she does activities now like hiking, the more you’ll likely enjoy hiking. And she knows that everything she puts in herself (and for that matter) on herself right now, the more it helps build your body strong–aka a strong healthy happy Hannah.

And on that note, she’s been working tremendously on heart-coherence and her emotions. With the new hormones coursing through her body, it’s hard to stay centered, and with the worries and concerns that are natural with pregnancy–it’s just such an known for new parents like ourselves (though in terms of past lives we’ve probably done this over and over and over again)…so it’s extra important we watch our emotions and stay centered.

The more we are centered and secure now, the better you’ll feel throughout your life. They say the greatest development occurs from birth through ages seven, but we believe it actually starts now…and for that matter, even pre-pregnancy, that it’s all energetic imprints. So we’re trying to put as much positive energy and security into your growth as we possibly can.

That’s why your Mommy’s having me do Emotion Code on her and on you later today, to help work on emotional wounds and blocks your mommy may have, you may have (fro past lives she tells me) and the more we’ll work to get you in the highest vibration, least-encumbered, happiest, healthiest place possible.

We want to do all we can for you, and so that’s one more piece of the puzzle.

Lastly, I read 3-4 books a week (or more) for the show, but I’m starting to look for extra-special books, specifically books on indigenous ways for raising a child. I’m sure the most modern techniques for raising a child are phenomenal, and we still have a long ways (as a people) to go in learning the best techniques, but I always look back as well, and ask, how did the people who are most connected to the earth raise a child, and that’s what I want to know.

So that’s it from here this morning. It’s really chilly outside…mid-thirties and freezing rain a tiny bit. We’ll go meet the midwife Julianne today, and we are so excited, we can’t wait to “meet” you in person, of course, there’s a lot we get to do in advance, and we are so honored to do this work.

We love you so much, and wish you the most beautiful day ahead, here in your mommy’s belly, there beyond the veil, and everywhere in between. We love you Hannah!!!!!