Discover the secrets of the psychics and how you can become one as well!

Angels, guides, and light-workers on the other side are always trying to reach out to you.

They want to help you, guide you, and see you have the most magnificent life possible. We simply need to learn how to connect.

And in this brilliant show with Kim Russo, Paul Selig, and more, you’ll learn how to plug in, become your own psychic, and receive powerful guidance from your spirit guides.

In this episode we’ll hear from some of the best mediums of the day: Kim Russo, Paul Selig, John Holland, and Vincent Genna!

If you’ve ever wanted to connect with spirit, hear from your spirit guides, and talk with the other side, then this show is for you!




KIM RUSSO is known as “The Happy Medium” and is the star of Lifetime Movie Network’s PSYCHIC INTERVENTION and THE HAUNTING OF …, which are two of the network’s most popular shows that air across the world. It wasn’t until later in her life that Kim completely began to embrace her gift of mediumship, which occurred many years after her own skepticism and trying to understand how it could all fit in with her own religion. Now, Kim speaks at hundreds of engagements with thousands of people across the country for audiences of many ages, religions, and beliefs, doing readings and teaching others how she’s learned to access the world of the dead and accept her gift. She won the 2015 title of the “Best Psychic on Long Island” from the Best of Long Island Press.


John Holland is an internationally renowned psychic medium and spiritual teacher. He has been lecturing, teaching, demonstrating, and reading for private clients for over 20 years. He’s dedicated to the ongoing development of his unique gift and brings real integrity to his profession. John says, “If I can help people connect with someone on the other side, and bring peace, comfort, and perhaps some closure, then I’ve done my job.”


Born in New York City, Paul Selig attended New York University and received his master’s degree from Yale. A spiritual experience in 1987 left him clairvoyant. Selig is considered one of the foremost contributors to the field of channeled literature working today.

Paul offers channeled workshops internationally. He serves on the faculty of The Omega Institute, The Kripalu Center and the Esalen Institue. Also a noted playwright and educator, he served on the faculty of NYU for over 25 years. He directed the MFA in Creative Writing Program at Goddard College for many years he now serves on the college’s Board of Trustees. He lives in New York City where he maintains a private practice as an intuitive and conducts frequent livestream seminars. Information on public workshops, livestreams and private readings can be found at


Vincent Genna, MSW is known as the “tell-it-like-it-is” and “truly authentic” Spiritual Teacher and Psychic Therapist. He combines his extraordinary psychic abilities, academic credentials, and genuine all-loving approach to provide healing for body, mind, and spirit. As a Psychic Therapist, Vincent uses his more than 36 years of training, research, and experience in the Metaphysical, Psychology, and Spiritual fields to dive deep into your psyche to release blockages, resistances, and self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors so you can fulfill the life of your dreams.

Thousands of followers around the world have been inspired by Vincent’s warm and genuine keynote presentations on self-love and self-mastery for notable organizations such as the Edgar Cayce’s Association for Research Enlightenment, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, the International Association of Near-Death Studies, and the Afterlife Research Education Institute, as well as his numerous interviews on major national and international radio and television shows. Currently, Vincent can be heard hosting his own weekly radio show called Stop Stopping Yourself! on Unity Online Radio.

Vincent expanded his work and abilities by communicating with animals to obtain healing messages for pets and their owners experiencing physical and emotional issues. A renowned UK television network and an Australian TV network have featured Vincent’s work with animals on their popular television shows.

Everyone who experiences a Vincent Genna event goes home enlightened, energized, and empowered—emotionally prepared to unlock and release their passions and purposes, and possessing the key to achieving their life goals and fulfilling their dreams.

To learn more about Vincent and to watch some of his media interviews and work, visit


Kim Russo Online: Website

John Holland Online: Website

Paul Selig Online: Website

Vincent Genna Online: Website


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