If you ever wanted to raise your vibrations, or recover from serious illness, then do we have the show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Barry Eaton, author and well known Australian radio and TV personality and psychic medium, host of Radio Out There, and the author of a glowing, inspiring, captivating, and guiding-light of a new book, The Joy of Living: Postponing the Afterlife.

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today, about one man’s remarkable story of discovering The Joy of Living in overcoming his cancer, and what we can all learn from it!





Barry has wide international experience in all areas of the media and entertainment industries. He is a well  known radio and TV presenter, having spent many years with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and various commercial radio and TV stations. His profile embraces news and sports anchoring, lifestyle shows, current affairs, talk back radio and in what feels like an earlier incarnation, was even a DJ.

As a writer he has scripted and narrated many documentary films and corporate presentations and written numerous feature stories for magazines and newspapers on everything from astrology to travel.

His first book ‘Afterlife – Uncovering the Secrets of Life After Death’, tracing the journey of the spirit in between incarnations, was published in 2011 by Allen and Unwin in Australia and New Zealand and now published in the US by Tarcher, an imprint of Penguin Books. It is now released in Hungary, The Czech Republic and Slovakia in the language of each country.”Afterlife”is now an international best seller.

“No Goodbyes” is the follow-on from Afterlife and was released in Australia and New Zealand by Allen & Unwin in March 2014 and in North America by Tarcher an imprint of Penguin Books in 2015

Barry is a qualified astrologer, psychic and medium and in 2012 did what he terms a postgraduate course in mediumship at the world famous Arthur Findlay College in the UK. He was also given the 2012 Hall of Fame Award by the Australian Psychics Association. He was also given the Hall of Fame Award that year by The Australian Psychics Association.

In his mainstream career he co-hosted the spectacular ANZAC Military Tattoo at Sydney’s Superdome in 2006 and then hosted The Tattoo Spectacular in Perth in 2007.  Barry originally trained as an actor and returned to the stage in Agatha Christie’s play “The Hollow” in Sydney in 2006. He has also appeared in a number of films and TV shows.In 2011 he reached a new point in his acting career, being cast as a talking tree – fully expecting the critics to describe his performance as ‘wooden’.

Head of the Faculty of Journalism at Macleay College in Sydney, Barry lectured in radio journalism and production from 1995-99. He has also has wide corporate experience, running his own company, which  embraced  media consulting, video and audio production and special event marketing and publicity.

Barry specializes in lifestyle and other related features and has been published in many leading newspapers and magazines all over Australia. He was a columnist for the Sun Herald newspaper in Sydney as well as a contributor to various magazines.

His media consultancy embraced such companies as The Canadian Government, Lauda air, The Tahiti Tourist Bureau, EMI, Environmental Solutions International, and Bleakleys (Financial Advisors). He is now working as a consultant trainer with Spokesperson Media Training in Byron Bay.

Barry is also giving talks and presenting workshops about his experiences with the afterlife experience, in association with the release of his book ‘The Joy of Living” which he co-wrote with Anne Morjanoff.

He is also available as a voice over artist/actor and has narrated a series of wildlife documentaries which are often seen on cable TV. Visitors to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra will hear him narrating the video presentations in the Korea and Vietnam Gallery. Barry’s voice is also heard guiding motorists on a GPS navigation system for certain vehicles such as Jaguars, Land Rovers etc.

His live talks and presentations are always well received and Barry has given two major presentations at the Nexus Conference in 2011 and 2014. He is also a speaker and the MC for the Australian Afterlife Explorers Conferences – in Sydney 2015, Melbourne 2016 and Byron Bay in 2017.

Barry is also well known in the US through a series of radio and TV interviews, including two major appearances on the iconic “Coast to Coast” program and of course RadioOutThere.


Barry Eaton Online: Website| Facebook

Key Topics:

  • What happened to radio host Barry Eaton in 2013?
  • How did Barry Eaton come to write Afterlife?
  • What’s the real meaning of FEAR?
  • What happened after he was diagnosed with throat cancer?
  • What was the spiritual significance of it being in his throat?
  • How did he decide the best way forward for him was to balance east and west?
  • Why did he reject chemo???
  • What was his spiritual team?
  • What are Rune stones?
  • How did he work with Rune stones?
  • What was his mental and spiritual preparation for radiation therapy?
  • How did he get a John of God bed and what is it???
  • Why did he contact a hypnotherapist?
  • How was hypnotherapy able to help?
  • What did he discover from hypnosis?
  • What did it mean that his subconscious believed he deserved cancer?
  • How did he use visualization techniques?
  • What were his sanctuaries of the mind?
  • What’s the Big T?
  • What did he learn from a visiting python?
  • What did he learn about everything in life happening for a reason?
  • What are a few of the key lessons he learned
  • What did he learn about being hard on himself?
  • What did he learn about family?
  • What did he learn about achievement?
  • What did he learn about death?
  • What did he learn about balance?

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