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INSPIRE #334: How to Be Your Most Fabulous You!!! + Guided Meditation

Jeffrey Marsh, Famous Vine Star Shares How to Be Your Most Fabulous Self & Truly Be You! + Guided Meditation

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If you’ve ever felt awkward, out of place, hiding your true self, or afraid to share who you truly are, then do we have the out of the closet show for you!

Today I’ll be talking with Jeffrey Marsh, online sensation, Vine Star, and author of a fabulous… new book on being yourself, called How to Be You

And that’s just what we’ll talk about today, about how to stop trying to Be Someone Else, and Start Living Your Own Fabulous Life.

That plus we’ll talk about the great peanut-butter debate, bringing vegas to the barnyard, WWWD – What Would Wonder Woman Do?, what we can all learn from the Velveteen Rabbit, why you want to lip-sync Julie Andrews when your head is upside down (and you’re wearing a hat on your chin), and why you’re lucky if a bathroom fire doesn’t reach the house!

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Host, author, public speaker and youth advocate Jeffrey Marsh has more than a quarter BILLION views across social media. As the creator of the global trends #DontSayThatsSoGay and #NoTimeToHateMyself, Jeffrey has earned spots on top Viner lists by both BuzzFeed and Vine with a positive, inclusive message. In 2015, Jeffrey was named official red carpet correspondent for both MTV/Logo and GLSEN and as a featured writer for The Huffington Post and Medium. Jeffrey is a precepted facilitator in the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism, as well as a host, actor, singer, songwriter, dancer, and comedian.


Jeffrey Marsh Online: Website | Vine | Twitter

Key Topics:

  • Why you’re lucky if you can’t hide your authentic selves
  • Why it’s so important to be yourself.
  • Why it’s so important to come out as your true self
  • How he came out for the first time with his mom when he was 11
  • What happened when Jeffrey shaved his legs for the first time
  • What the power is of the book “There is Nothing Wrong With You” by Sherry Huber
  • Sherry is from a monastery in California
  • Why Jeffrey wrote this book to touch hearts
  • How Jeffrey studies Zen Buddhism
  • What spiritual lessons has Jeffrey learned from Zen Buddhism
  • What has Jeffrey learned from his spirituality
  • What’s the importance of self-acceptance?
  • How did Jeffrey Marsh become a LGBT Gay / Queer / Gender Neutral Vine star?
  • Why if something scary you have to face the fear
  • What are zen circle paintings and what do they have to do with the book “How to Be You”
  • How we can help prevent tragedies in the world
  • Why it’s so important to learn how to be secure in who you are
  • How to gain confidence
  • WWWD – What Would Wonder Woman Do? What would Linda Carter do???
  • Why is Wonder Woman a hero of Jeffrey Marsh?
  • How important is it to put kind, gentle, easy, and good first
  • Why you can’t do self-improvement through judgement and self-hate
  • Why it’s so important to ‘fight with kindness’
  • What’s a daily joy list?
  • How he went on a conservative show as LGBT / LGBTQ
  • What compassion has to do with anything
  • and google vine beard eyeshadow
  • Why there’s an appendix in the book on treating young people with respect
  • What’s the best way to help kids today
  • What’s the Jeffrey Marsh app?

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