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INSPIRE #269: How to Lose Weight while Never Dieting Again

Traci Mann PhD Shares the Science of Weight Loss & Why You Should Never Diet Again! How to Lose Weight & Stay Fit w/out Dieting!

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If you’ve ever wanted to lose weight and are on a diet, tried a diet, failed at a diet, or put all the weight back on afterwards, then do we have the myth-busting show for you!

Today we’ll talk with Traci Mann, PhD from Stanford, the Founder of the Health and Eating Lab at the University of Minnesota.

Her research has been funded by the NIH, the USDA, and NASA, and is published in dozens of scholarly journals. She’s also unique in that she doesn’t run a diet lab, and hasn’t taken any money from any commercial diet companies, She’s also the author of a fascinating new read, Secrets from the Eating Lab: The Science of Weight Loss, the Myth of Willpower, and Why You Should Never Diet Again.

Today we’ll be talking about the science of weight loss, the myth of willpower, and why you should never diet again.

That plus we’ll talk smart strategies for eating, and what you might order at the White Spot, when you’re drunk, Mars rockets and chocolate pudding and what you can learn from French dog poop.

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Traci Mann attain her Ph.D. in psychology from Stanford University in 1995. She was a professor at UCLA for nine years before moving to the University of Minnesota and founding the Health and Eating Lab. Her research has been funded by the NIH, the USDA, and NASA, and is published in dozens of scholarly journals. She is the president of the Social Personality and Health (SPH) Network, and is an elected fellow of the Association for Psychological Science, The Society for Experimental Social Psychology, and the American Psychological Association.

Dr. Mann is uniquely qualified to provide the real truth about dieting, eating, obesity, and self-control. She is a widely cited expert, but she does not run a diet clinic or test diets, and she has never taken a penny from commercial dietcompanies, sat on their boards of directors, or endorsed one of their products. Because of this, her livelihood, research funding, and reputation are not dependent on her reporting that diets work or that obesity is unhealthy. This sets her apart from nearly all diet and obesity researchers and allows her to speak the truth about these topics, which she does with abandon.

She lives with her husband, Stephen Engel (who is also a professor at the University of Minnesota), and two Engelmann boys, in Edina, Minnesota.


Traci Mann, PhD Online: Website

Book Website:

Dr. Traci Mann’s Lab:

Key Topics:

  • How do you trick a child into eating a veggie?
  • Why is everything we think was true about weight loss and dieting isn’t true
  • Why obese people don’t eat more food a day than thin people.
  • Why studying eating requires deviousness
  • Brian Wansick and the never-ending-bowl of soup
  • Why don’t diets typically work and why don’t diet studies typically work?
  • Why you lose weight initially with just about any diet
  • What happens with dieters after about 6 months
  • Why are diet’s a set-up for failure
  • What’s the role of biology
  • What’s the role of motivation and will-power
  • Why it’s not about motivation and will-power
  • Why donut’s get bigger when you diet
  • What does genetics have to do with weight?
  • What can we learn about the starvation (diet) study
  • How did people in diet studies become obsessed with food
  • What do set points have to do with diets
  • Why hormone changes make you hungrier when you’re dieting
  • What does yo-yo dieting have to do with death?
  • How geographic barriers can help keep your eating down.
  • How to save millions of M&M’s at Google
  • How to be more mindful in your eating decisions
  • Why getting food out of the house is a great diet changing habit
  • What’s the importance of savoring or being mindful with your food
  • What’s the importance of eating with healthy eaters
  • Why calling food healthy chases people away
  • How healthy labels can be a negative
  • What are i-intentions
  • What’s an if-than plan
  • Why comfort foods aren’t really comforting
  • How they were trying to fatten up NASA astronauts
  • What we can learn from The Ordinary Spaceman about eating in space
  • Why you do NOT want to diet

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