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INSPIRE #240: How to Shift Your Life from the Inside-Out

Karan Bajaj Shares Valuable Lessons Learned from a Year’s Travel on the Road to India & the Himalayas On Discovering Your Dharma or Life Purpose and Value of Meditation, Yoga, Austerity & Silence

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If you’ve ever felt a spiritual calling, and felt there was more to your life than just the day to day grind, then do we have the show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Karan Bajaj, a #1 best-selling Indian author about his brilliant new novel The Yoga of Max’s Discontent: A Novel, inspired by a one year sabbatical traveling from Europe to India by road and learning yoga and meditation in the Himalayas.

Today I want to talk about taking a spiritual and creative sabbatical, literal or metaphorical to get in alignment, find your path, and find your deepest self.

That plus we’ll talk about going silent, riding a scooty, becoming vegetarian teetotalers, holding up your arm for 12 years straight, and how to hang with monkeys and snakes.

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Karan Bajaj is a #1 bestselling Indian novelist with more than 200,000 copies of his novels in print, both optioned into major films. Karan’s first worldwide novel, The Yoga of Max’s Discontent, will be be published by Random House on May 3rd’ 2016. The book, called “The greatest adventure of our Generation” by The Daily Telegraph was inspired by Karan’s one year sabbatical traveling from Europe to India by road and learning yoga and meditation in the Himalayas.

You can get a free meditation course, a Quit Sugar in 7 days nutrition guide, a yoga flow video course and other gifts worth $299 when you order your book today. Details at

Karan has also worked in senior executive roles at companies like Procter & Gamble and the Boston Consulting Group and was named among Ad Age’s “Top 40 Under 40 executives” in the US.



Karan Bajaj Online: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook 

Key Topics:


  • Taking a creative or spiritual sabbatical, literally or metaphorically
  • Why his story begins in a Bronx housing project
    1. Why the connection with suffering in the US isn’t as real or visceral as it was in India
  • How this book can change your psyche
  • What was Karan’s sabbatical year (from Europe to India by road)
    1. From Europe to India to Himalayas
  • Why Karan has a pattern of taking time off to be and discover facets of himself.
  • How he ended up hanging with homeless drug addicts in Bulgaria
  • How did he get the idea to become successful, then leave it all behind
  • How travelling got the creative juices flowing
  • Why entertainment and meaning is his formula for success
  • What were the 10 day vipassana retreats like?
  • What Monkey’s did to his wife’s backpack.
  • What the ashram was like with monkeys and cobras
  • Why you’d need to step over cobra’s if you go to the bathroom at night
  • What does karma and past lives have to do with yoga
  • Why the further you get away from sabbatical, the more you shift back to the way you were before
  • What is dharma?
  • How he’s realizing it’s all about the inner journey, even more than seeing outward beauty (for instance the Grand Canyon)
  • What happened when he was hiking in the Himalayas (crossing a glacier barefoot!!!)
  • How was hiking in the Himalayas and who were some of the ‘trippiest’ people he met.
  • What’s a standing baba
  • What enlightenment means and why you need to let go of the striving for enlightenment
  • How he just started writing at 28 and already has multiple best-sellers at 36
  • Why it’s so important to live your Dharma
  • What has he learned about meditation and mindfulness
  • Why there are basic steps to follow before moving to mindfulness
    1. What is concentration based meditation
  • Go to
    1. Get book and free meditation course, yoga flow course and yoga guide

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