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INSPIRE #229: How to Launch Your Dreams with Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson

Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson Shares His Journey from Small Town to Record-Breaking Astronaut & How He Defied All Odds & How You Can Achieve Your Dreams!

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If you’ve dreamed of reaching the stars, being an astronaut, or living your greatest life possible, no matter what…then do we have the show for you!

Today we’ll talk with one of the most inspiring people you could ever meet. His name is Clayton C. Anderson. He’s a record-setting astronaut and the first and only from Nebraska. He’s also the best-selling author of one of my all-time favorite books, that my inner-child and grown-up adult can’t get enough of: The Ordinary Spaceman: From Boyhood Dreams to Astronaut.

Today I want to talk with him about faith and reaching for his dreams. About his faith in himself, about his faith in God, and his faith in those around him. For you don’t step out of a perfectly good spacecraft moving at 5 miles per second, hundreds of miles above the earth, if you don’t have faith…at least in those around you.

That, plus we’ll talk about Batman and Robin, a Quindar (beep) Sound, being robbed of best costume, Chicken Fried Snake and Donkey Dick, and how a “Zoom and Boom” turned into a “Whirl and Hurl”.

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Clayton C. Anderson retired in 2013 after a thirty-year career with NASA and two missions to the International Space Station. He currently lives in Houston with his wife and two children.


Clayton C. Anderson Online: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Book Website:,676329.aspx

Key Topics:

  • How he applied more times than any astronaut in history.
  • Encouraged by Nevada Barr to write this book.
  • How he wasn’t ready to write a murder-mystery set in space.
  • Grew up in Ashland Nebraska
  • What a Quindar sound, Santa Claus, and Apollo 8 has to do with Clay going into space.
  • How he dreamed of becoming an astronaut
  • How synchronicities occurred to help bring him to Nasa
  • What his faith in God has to do with him becoming an astronaut
  • How he took a major chance and turned down his first offer to work for NASA.
  • What chicken fried snake and donkey dick have to do with anything.
  • Why he kept trying each year to become an astronaut (apply 15 times!)
  • What happened to him only two weeks into the program
  • What is the NASA PE room?
  • How he chose his helmet
  • What is a zoom and boom?
  • What’s a whirl and hurl?
  • How he learned how to fly a T-38 jet
  • What happened with the space shuttle Columbia and what was Clay doing at the time.
  • How going into space was a total family effort.
  • How he worked with Russian’s in Sky City to be trained for MIR?
  • What was it like on his last day with his wife (before lift-off)
  • What’s the bathroom at 195 feet?
  • What’s it like inside the space shuttle waiting for lift-off?
  • What it feels like during take-off
  • What was his first spacewalk like.


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