If you’re struggling with all the chaos in the world today, there is a way through–a way to ascend to a higher level, where you can breathe, find more peace, and direction as well.

But the answer never comes from the level it was created, just as Einstein said.

Instead it comes from a higher level, and a higher dimension, the 5th dimension, which is exactly why we’re here now – and what we are ascending to.

That’s why today, we’re interviewing the 12 Archangels, channeled by Sheila Gillette, who helped Esther Hicks discover and channel Abraham, many years ago.

We ask the 12 Archangels, what’s going on, why we’re here, and most importantly, how in the world do we get out of this mess and shift to the higher dimension.

And they share powerful messages of hope. Hope for you, for the collective, and specific steps you can take to find more peace and happiness now, and to help you ascend.

For you need not suffer, and there’s a path to greater love. And in today’s incredible channeling with the 12 Archangels, you’ll find out how!

We talk all about how we make it through this time and SHIFT into greater consciousness, aka awakening to the 5TH DIMENSION.





In 1969, Sheila Gillette nearly died following a pulmonary embolism suffered during the birth of her third child. Following her improbable recovery, Sheila began experiencing various types of psychic phenomenon leading her to become the direct voice channel for twelve archangels known collectively as THEO. Sheila’s psychic abilities have been verified by parapsychological researchers, physicists and other scientists across the country, as well as by the hundreds of thousands of people that have sought THEO’s insight.
Notably, this includes Esther Hicks, for whom Sheila and THEO were the catalyst for her to begin channeling ABRAHAM. As Esther has described in her bestselling books, events and films, THEO predicted that she would channel her own group of higher teachers and instructed her on how to begin the spiritual process of becoming receptive to their energies. Within a year of Esther’s experience with THEO, she began channeling ABRAHAM.
While comprised of twelve angelic beings, THEO speaks through Sheila in a single voice. THEO has never been embodied, but rather speaks to us from higher dimensions. Paramount to THEO’s teachings is soul integration, which is an authentic path to wholeness, or what many conceive of as enlightenment. The individual and collective challenges people face, as well as the dreams and ambitions they aspire to, can be met through learning how to become fully soul integrated. In this way, the Law of Attraction takes on new meaning as desired vision becomes less cerebral and more fully integrated in mind, body and spirit.
Sheila has been astonishing radio, television and live audiences with THEO’s teachings for several decades and has authored two books; the first published by Simon & Schuster titled, The 5th Dimension: Channels to A New Reality. Her second book, The Soul Truth: A Guide to Inner Peace, was co-authored with her husband Marcus, and was released in December 2008. In 1997, Sheila and Marcus created The THEO Group, an organization dedicated to sharing the wisdom of the angelic hierarchy to assist humanity as it shifts into a higher state of consciousness. Their multimedia website,, provides a variety of ways for international visitors to connect with THEO’s messages. Sheila and Marcus are acclaimed keynote speakers and conduct seminars, workshops and other events worldwide.


Sheila Gillette Online: Website

Key Topics:

  •  What’s going on
  • Why we’re here
  • How in the world do we get out of this mess and shift to the higher dimension.

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