If you’ve ever struggled with a fear of money, or a lack of it, then do we have the conscious capital show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Lawrence Ford, Founder and CEO of Conscious Capital Wealth Management. He was dubbed the “Shaman of Wall Street” by the Washington Post, and has dedicated much of his life to being a bridge between the modern world of business and the ancient world of wisdom.

And that just what I want to talk with him today. About the nexus of consciousness and capital, how to heal a relationship with money, and the use of money and capital to make the world a better place.

Plus we’ll talk about bricks and symbols, money and guilt, St. Johns and the Rockefeller Resorts, a one month initiation, blistered hands, who on earth are the 13 indigenous grandmothers, a four foot five inch shouting shaman, chopping wood and carrying water, peacock feathers and crystals, and what in the world burning sage, wearing yak beads, and one DEA agent and two beers has to do with anything.



Lawrence Ford is the CEO and Founder of Conscious Capital Wealth Management and Future Capital. He has had a long estimable career as an Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor, Consultant, Author, and Speaker. Through these mediums he is helping people and organizations “wake up” and live a life of purpose, and to use the power of money and capital markets to make the world a better place initiating a “moving your money for good” movement.


Lawrence Ford Online:    Website

Key Points Discussed:

  • What’s one simple change we can make right now to change our relationship with money? (03:15)
  • Being different in the world of money and capital on Wall Street, and the natural friction that comes with it (05:23)
  • Lawrence’s previous relationship with money and getting the itchy palms in his thirties (08:07)
  • Surrendering, going to Nepal, and training with indigenous shamans for a month (13:38)
  • The pilgrimage to find his birth parents and siblings (19:35)
  • What do you mean money has been weaponized today? (25:21)
  • How do we start to change the dream so we can heal these wounds? (29:44)
  • The next step from beingness to doingness (34:26)
  • Knowing we are here for a reason and figuring it out (41:04)
  • Conscious capitalism and how to work with it (45:49)
  • How to determine if a company is one of the good guys (50:44)
  • Breaking up with the banks and credit cards that we use (54:40)
  • Finding the one thing that we are grateful for and focusing on it (58:40)


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