If you’ve ever wanted to feel better, sleep better, have less inflammation, and less stress in your life, then do we have the earthing show for you.

Today I’ll be talking with Clint Ober, a revolutionary pioneer in the field of earthing and grounding, the co-author of a brilliant book on health called “Earthing”, and featured in a brilliant new documentary called “The Earthing Movie.”

And that’s just what I want to talk with him about today. About reconnecting to the earth and you natural state of being for greater health, better sleep, reduced inflammation, and less stress. Plus we’ll talk about metal duct tape, white Nike shoes, Deepak Chopra, and what in the world a quarter million dollars of art and a Commode have to do with anything.

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Clinton Ober is CEO of EarthFX Inc., a research and development company located in Palm Springs. He first learned of grounding when marketing and installing Cable TV systems in Billings, Montana in the early 1960’s. A decade later, he formed Telecrafter Corporation and built it into the largest provider of cable installation services in the United States. This company specialized in proper grounding of cable installations for safety and signal stability. In the 1980’s, he turned his attention to the developing computer industry and partnered with McGraw-Hill to distribute live digital news services, via cable, to PCs. This led to development of the first cable modem and an increased awareness of need for proper system grounding. Following a health challenge in 1995, he retired and embarked on a personal journey looking for a higher purpose in life. During his travels, he noticed people wearing plastic and rubber soled shoes that insulate the body from earth. He wondered if no longer being naturally grounded could affect us. The question led to an experiment that suggested grounding reduced pain and improved sleep. He developed a working hypothesis: Grounding normalizes functioning of all body systems (Corollary: The body utilizes the earth’s electrical potential to maintain its internal electrical stability for the normal functioning of all self-regulating and self-healing systems). Over the past eighteen years, he has supported a host of research studies that collectively demonstrate that grounding reduces inflammation and promotes normal functioning of all body systems.


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Key Topics:

  • The results of plugging premature infants into the electrical field of the earth (03:11)
  • The girl who had Scarlet fever and what the elders did with her (09:10)
  • What is earthing/grounding? (11:14)
  • When you’re not grounded, you have a thousand bears after you (19:47)
  • How earthing positively impacts Cortisol levels for overall health and well-being (22:12)
  • Sticky blood and its relation to cardiovascular disease and inflammation (31:20)
  • Going home barefoot and what’s going on with our kids’ health today (36:59)
  • Boosting your immune system by touching good healthy soil (42:55)
  • Getting grounded 101: Where to begin (48:31)
  • Grounding mats and how they work (53:32)
  • The peace that comes with grounding (01:04:21)

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